The Tree Top Walk is a fun and easy way to get into the forest and right up on top of the canopy in the Lamington National Park, just next to O’Reilly’s Rainforest Retreat.

It’s a very short trail that’s mostly on a board walk with little elevation gained or effort required.

When you’re visiting the Lamington National Park, make sure that you head on the Tree Top Walk, you can then continue further to Picnic Rock & Elabana Falls, and if you’re up for it, loop all of the way around back to where you started from on the Lamington National Park Circuit Walk (if you’ve got all day to spare).

Guy on his way to Tree Top Walk
Start of the Tree Top Walk
Guy walking on Tree Top Walk
Eva walking on the Tree Top Walk

To complete the Lamington Tree Top Walk, park in the day-use car park and walk past O’Reilly’s Lodge, you’ll then see the start of the trail on the opposite side of the road, heading into the forest.

Follow the trail into the forest and walk along the formed track until you’re on a board walk. About 300 metres into the forest from the road, you’ll then come across the Tree Top Walk, which is in the form of a suspended pedestrian bridge that takes you up to the canopy!

Continue straight ahead and the track will then loop back around to solid ground, where you have the option of heading back to where you started or venturing on for another couple of kilometres to the waterfall.

Guy climbing up the tree on the Tree Top Walk
Eva's head from the highest platform on the. v
Views from Tree Top Walk
Guy climbing on the Tree Top Walk

While you’re on the Tree Top Walk, if you’re brave enough, you can climb up a ladder attached to a tree to reach a lookout at the top!

Tree Top Walk Trail details


Very easy! Family friendly, but not suitable for wheel chairs.


The entire walk, from O’Reilly’s to O’Reilly’s is about 1.3 kms.


There’s about 40-50 metres of elevation gained, but it’s gradual and not steep.

Dog Friendly

Unfortunately, dogs aren’t allowed on the Lamington Tree Top Walk as it’s inside a national park.