Hike along the Murchison River Gorge on the Nature's Window Loop Walk

Nature’s Window is a sight of itself and worth the visit, just 500 metres from the car park at Kalbarri National Park. For those that want to venture further and see more, head on the Nature’s Window Loop, an unforgettable hiking trail that will take you along the top and bottom of the giant cliffs of the Murchison River Gorge.

Nature's Window, Kalbarri National Park
Eva sitting in Nature's Window, Kalbarri National Park

After making it to Nature’s Window and spending some time looking through it and out to the amazing landscape, then continue along the ridge top and keep the gorge on your right.

There are plenty of markers and they’re well needed, as it’s easy to get distracted by the magnificent views from the cliff top down into the gorge.

Keep walking along the top of the gorge for a couple of kilometres, then you’ll have an important decision to make. As this area can become extremely hot, several people have died when completing the trail, so if you’re already feeling a bit worse for wear, it’s a good idea to turn around and head back the way you came from. If you’ve still got plenty of energy (& water!), then descend down to the base of the gorge where you’ll find a sandy beach on the side of the Murchison River.

Guy at start of Nature's Window Loop
Guy above Murchison River on Nature's Window Loop
Guy pointing at Murchison River on Nature's Window Loop
View from the gorge at Kalbarri National Park

Once you’ve made it down to the river, follow the trail to the left and walk along the rivers edge for the next few kilmotres.

Although the views from the top of the cliffs are incredible, this next section is the highlight of the Nature’s Window Loop Walk as it’s right along the side of the river where you’ll have to watch your step to make sure that you don’t fall in.

The trail along here is absolutely incredible and would be hard to find a nicer section to any hike throughout Australia. It’s well worth it.

Guy down at Murchison River on Nature's Window Loop
Nature's Window Loop Walk At River
Nature's Window Loop Walk at Murchison River

The trail side of the river will eventually open up and flatten out, no more scaling of the rocks will be required. Keep walking for another two kilometres or so until you loop right back around and see Nature’s Window above the cliffs ahead of you to the left.

Just before you have to climb back up the gorge, have a dip in the river and cool off.

Here’s a video of when we completed this trail:

Getting to Nature's Window

It’s super easy to find.

Head into the Kalbarri National Park, pay the park entry fee and keep on driving. Eventually you’ll reach a T intersection where you’ll need to turn left.

After making the left turn, keep on driving and you’ll see a sign directing you to turn right and head down to the Nature’s Window car park.

From the car park, follow the designated trail out to Nature’s Window and this is where the Loop Walk begins.

Accommodation & Camping

There’s no where to camp inside the Kalbarri National Park, although not too far from the park entrance is the Murchison House Station, ideal for caravans, RVs and tent camping. There are facilities and all camp sites are unpowered.

For some other accommodation and camping options, your best bet is in the township of Kalbarri. Just head out of the national park and turn to the right, following the road to west, all of the way to the coast. Here, you’ll find another caravan park, some motels and holiday house rentals.

Read more about Murchison House Station.

Cliffs of Murchison River
Ducks in Murchison River