Hike from Honeysuckle Campground to Booroomba Rocks

Booromba Rocks sit high up in the mountains in the central part of the ACT where you’ll have views over the hills to Canberra.

The entire walk is through a eucalyptus forest with the first 4 kms being quite flat, then from the Booroomba Rocks car park (which you can drive to if you want to make the trail shorter) it’s another 1,250 metres of so to the summit and most of this part of trail is steep, right until you reach the end of the trail at the cliffs.

Guy on Booroomba Rocks
View of Booroomba Rocks

The view from up at Booroomba Rocks is across the Brindabella Ranges, then the land flattens out and you can see Canberra in the distance, with Telstra Tower being an obvious and easy-to-see marker.

After the steep walk up from the Booroomba Rocks car park to the end of the trail, you’ll be right on the edge of the cliff with the option of walking a little bit further to the right, to make your way up to the summit.

It’s a decent short walk and other than the steep section from the car park, it’s pretty flat the rest of the way.

If you’re staying at Honeysuckle Campground, try heading up to Booroomba Rocks to see the sunset, then there’s enough time (if you’re quick) to scale down the steep part of the trail before the sun is completely gone, you’ll then need a torch for the last 4 kms back to the campground.

Trail to Booroomba Rocks
Trail to Booroomba Rocks
Trail to Booroomba Rocks

Trail details


From Honeysuckle Campground to the Booroomba Rocks car park, it’s a pretty flat and easy hike, then it becomes quite steep, especially for the final kilometre or so. Anyone with a moderate level of fitness will be able to complete this trail and there’s a lot of flat sections that seperate the steep parts.


The entire trail is about 10.5 kilometres, return. 5.25 kms each way.

From Honeysuckle Campground to Booromoomba Rocks Car Park is 4 kms, then it’s another 1,250 metres to the summit.


Honeysuckle Campground is 1,089 metres above sea level. Booromba Rocks is around 1,329.

The total elevation gained is about 450 metres, as the trail goes up and down a bit on the way up, so even on the way back with the trail being mostly downhill, there are small sections of elevation.


Toilets, a camp kitchen, picnic tables, fire pits and non-potable water can all be found at Honeysuckle Campground, although you’ll need to bring along your own supply of drinking water.

There aren’t any other facilities or amenities or the trail, including at the Booroomba Rocks car park.

Dog Friendly

Both Booroomba Rocks and Honeysuckle are in the Namadgi National Park, therefore no dogs are allowed on any part of the trail.

View of Booroomba Rocks
Mum and baby lizard sunning on the rocks

Accommodation & Camping

Right at the start of the trail is the stunning Honeysuckle Campground that’s completely surrounded by forest with plenty of shade.

The camping areas are all on lush grass that’s frequented by confident Wallabies & Kangaroos in the evening and early morning.

Fire pits and picnic tables are placed throughout the campground and there’s an undercover barbecue area with seating and a fire place. Drop toilets and non-potable water is available.

The campground is suited for all types of campers. Tents can go straight on the grass and have plenty of areas to choose from. RV’s & Caravans have a designated area on the gravel, over near the camp kitchen.

Read more about Honeysuckle Campground.

Kangoroos at the campground