Day trip to for a small cliff jump at The Pillars Mount Martha

The Pillars Mount Martha

Squeezing the most out of summer at the Pillars!

Today we woke wondering what we could do that’s close to Melbourne and involves getting in the water, to get the very most out of summer before it starts getting cold again.

We decided to head down to The Pillars at Mount Martha on the Mornington Peninsula, which is small rock ledge that sits up out of the bay with cliffs that range from about one and a half to five metres ready to be jumped off!

It took about an hour or so to get to from St Kilda, Melbourne. By the time we arrived, it wasn’t even warm anymore, but we had to have a jump. It was tough to find parking in the nearby back streets running off the main road and the nearest carpark seemed like a distance, in the end it wasn’t bad, we parked in the designated area a few hundred metres past The Pillars when coming from Melbourne and it was an easy five minute walk to the short path that takes you from the road the the cliff-edge. 

There were about thirty people sitting on the top of the cliffs and a capsized speed boat around 30 metres into the water. Only a handfull of people made the jump, so there wasn’t really much of a wait if you wanted to get wet. The main part to jump off isn’t small, but we wouldn’t consider it that big either – small children jumped off and a few grown men let go of their honor and stayed dry. There are some bigger and more adventerous spots to jump from, one of them is named ‘Comando’ or something along those lines, although apparently the last guy that gave that a go broke both of his legs.

The Pillars were a great spot to get away to from Melbourme for a few hours. It was a lot of fun jumping into the water and we suggest you make plans to go there yourself if you’re around Melbourne or the Mornington Peninsula.

We filmed several of the jumps with our GoPro, but each time something went wrong, we think it was the water knocking it too hard, so instead, here’s a clip of me trying to film it.

Let us know if you have been here and made the jump with a comment below!

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