Skipworth Springs Campground is canoe access only campground on the southern side of the Glenelg River in the Lower Glenelg National Park.

It’s between Pritchards Landing (about 4km to the east) & Battersbys Canoe Camp (about 4km to the west).

Those on a 2 or 3 night canoe trip along the Glenelg River often chose to set up camp at Skipworth Springs due to it being a relatively far but ideal distance from popular canoe launching sits, such as Pines Landing (roughly 17 km) or Moleside Campground (roughly 13 – 14 km).

Toilets are up the top, a picnic table and fire pit are in the middle part of the camping area and there are a few small spots to set up a tent or two.

Filling up your water bottle

If the spring is flowing well, people often fill up their water supply. Just a short distance from the lower part of the campground is the ‘water point’ where you can find the spring.

A lot of the time, the spring won’t flow enough for the water to be suitable for drinking, so it can’t really be relied on as guaranteed water source.

Skipworth Springs Campground
Skipworth Springs Campground

Skipworth Springs Canoe Camp can be a good spot if you’re the only ones there. The campground is on thick green grass although the camping area is limited as it’s on a small steep hill with only a few flat surfaces.

Although there’s plenty of space if the uneven surface is considered, there isn’t a great deal available that’s ideal for camping.

There’s a small area for 3-4 small tents down the bottom (which can sometimes be covered in water from the spring), space for about one small tent right next to the picnic table (which could be in the way) and another space up the top that are all flat enough for a tent, but there’s not many other decent places to set up camp if they’re unavailable, unless you’re happy to camp on a hill. Due to this, also consider staying at either Pritchards Landing, about 4km to the east, or Battersbys Canoe Camp, which is about 4 kms to the west.

Skipworth Springs Campground
Skipworth Springs Campground

Skipworth Springs Canoe Camp Facilities

Up the top of the hill that the campground sits on is a well maintained drop toilet.

In the centre of the campground is a fire pit next to a timber picnic table.

A jetty is down the bottom of the campground on the river.