Moleside Canoe Camp with vehicle access on the Glenelg River

Moleside Campground on the southern side of the Glenelg River, about a 20 minute drive from Nelson. The camping area is right beside the river on lush green grass with a fire pit and picnic table in the centre.

It’s a popular place to launch a canoe due to the vehicle access and distance from the common end points for canoeing down the Glenelg, those being Dry Creek, Donovans and Nelson, otherwise start paddling from further upstream and head to Moleside to camp for the night or as a nice pit stop.

Firepit at Moleside Campground
Picnic Table and Fire Pit at Moleside Campground

Moleside Canoe Camp is a beautiful spot to call into that’s surrounded by a dense forest. The camping area is relatively even, allowing plenty of people to easily find a comfortable spot to pitch a tent.

Booking and paying for a spot is essential, head to the Park Vic website to do so.

Tom at Moleside Canoe Camp on the Glenelg River Canoe Trail
Cil at Moleside Canoe Camp on the Glenelg River Canoe Trail

Moleside Campground Facilities

There’s a drop toilet over the back of the campground that’s in good working order, the shelter that it’s in is clean, maintained and doesn’t smell. Next to the toilets is a water tank that can be handy for washing your hands, but it’s not suitable for drinking, so you’ll need to bring along your own supply.

Launching a Canoe from Moleside Campground

Just next to the campground is Moleside Creek that runs into the Glenelg River and has a canoe jetty to launch from. The jetty sits a short distance above the water, the creek is calm and protected, making it a good place to load or unpack the canoe.

As the canoe jetty is close to the water, it can sometimes be submerged, but not to worry as there’s another jetty on the Glenelg River that’s a bit more raised and still suitable to launch from.

Canoe Jetty at Moleside Campground
Canoe landing at Moleside Campground
Moleside Canoe Campground Jetty

Getting to Moleside

From Nelson, head towards Portland on the Nelson-Portland Road, which heads out the eastern side of town.

After about 10 minutes, turn left of the Winnap-Nelson Road, a bit under 10 minutes later there will be the turn off to Moleside. There’s a sign and the track to the campground is on the left, it’s only a short distance from the main road.

If you’re coming from Mount Gambier, the best and fastest way is to head to Nelson, then follow the above directions.