Wineglass Bay is central to the Freycinet National Park, midway along the east coast of Tasmania. The stunning body of water and white sandy beach is only accessible by foot. You’ll feel as though you’re on a remote island and the only person on Earth.

The beach curves around in a shape that could look like a wide-based wine glass, letting many people believe that this is where the name came from, where in-fact it’s actually derived from a much more sinister reason. A Whaling Station was once operating here. With so much success, the large number of Whales slaughtered around the same time would often turn the water from it’s natural turquoise colour to blood red. With the shape of the bay and the temporary change of colour, from up on the hills above the bay, it resembled a glass full of red wine.

wine glass bay lookout
Wine Glass bay lookout

Wineglass Bay Lookout Walk

The walk to the Wineglass Bay Lookout is steep and goes up almost the entire way from the car park. It’s a Grade 3 hike with a lot of stairs and the ground is quite rough. You’ll need to wear some proper shoes, thongs aren’t ideal.

It can be a challenging walk, although it’s only about 1.3 kms from the car park to the lookout and the views make it all worth while. From there, it’s an easy downhill walk back to the car park.

If you’ve got the time and are feeling adventurous, you can continue walking from the lookout down to the Wineglass Bay beach, which is a further 4.5 kms or so.

Trail details


Getting up to the Wineglass Bay requires a steep walk with lots of elevation, although it’s short. It’s almost entirely up-hill to get to the lookout, then of course almost down-hill all the way back to the car park.


2.6km return


The Wineglass Bay Lookout is 220 metres above sea level.
You’ll begin at the car park, which is 35 metres above sea level with a total elevation of 185 metres to the lookout.


There are public toilets and drinking water located at the beginning of the trail, although you’ll want to bring plenty of your own drinking water for the hike.

Closest place to buy food & drinks

Coles Bay, a 15 minute drive back along the road that you entered the national park on.

Dog Friendly

Being a national park, no dogs are allowed.

wine glass bay track
wine glass bay track

Getting to the Wineglass Bay car park

As you turn off the Tasman Highway and enter the Freycinet National Park via Coles Bay Road, you’ve got to just keep on driving south along the windy road.

Once you reach Coles Bay, keep on driving along the same road for about 15 minutes and you’ll come to a small settlement. You can park here begin the walk to the Wineglass Bay lookout, then keep walking for another 4.5 kilometres to reach the Wineglass Bay beach.

View on coles bay

For a much shorter and easier walk that’s nearby and packed with stunning views, including that of Wineglass Bay, head over the the Cape Tourville Lighthouse.