Cathedral of Ferns Walk, Mount Wilson

The Giant Tree Walk, AKA “Cathedral of Ferns Walk” is a short hiking trail in the northern part of the Blue Mountains that starts and finishes at the Cathedral Reserve Camping Grounds.

Just 500 metres from start to finish, the trail takes you into the dense forest made up of large trees and ferns, looping back around on a circuit.

Giant Tree Walk
Fernes at the Giant Tree Walk
Ferns at the Giant Tree Walk

It’s a good short walk to take a look at some beautiful ferns, although the giant tree has been struck by lightening and all that remains is an old trunk.

It’s chance to stretch your legs and breath in the fresh mountain air when you’re at Cathedral reserve or in the Mount Wilson area, but not overly exciting trail or worth heading here just to experience this walk.

Trail details


It’s a very easy circuit to complete with little elevation over a short distance.


500 metres from start to finish on a loop.


There aren’t any steep sections or parts of the trail where you’ll need to climb with just 20 metres of elevation gained in total on the entire 500 metre loop walk.


The trail begins and finishes at Cathedral Reserve Campground where you’ll find drop toilets, shelter, picnic tables and fire pits, then of course the camping area.

Water is available from a tank next to the shelter, although it’s just for washing up and not suitable for drinking. You’ll need to bring along your own supply of drinking water.

Dog Friendly

As the Giant Tree Walk, AKA ‘Valley of the Giant Tree Walk’, AKA ‘Cathedral of Ferns’ is inside the Blue Mountains National Park, no dogs or pets are allowed on the hiking trail or at the campground.

Accommodation & Camping

Set up camp right at the start of the hiking trail at the Cathedral Reserve Campground, a large free camping area with basic faciltiies.

You can read here, about this campground.

Cathedral Reserve Campground tent spots
Our Caravan at Cathedral Reserve Campground