Broken Head Track

Broken Head is the furtherst point sticking into the ocean in the area between Loch Ard Gorge and the Sherbrrok River mouth in the Port Campbell National Park on the Shipwreck Coast.

The track to Broken Head is only a short walk from Thunder Cave, although you won’t see a lot from the path as it’s on a flat part of land sitting back about 20 metres from the cliff edge. It is still a nice chance to stretch your legs, get a view of the coastline facing west and take a further look at some native flora that can survive the harsh conditions.

The real treat here is the beach that’s hidden below the cliffs, just to the north of Broken Head, but it’s pretty dangerous and difficult to get to (even to get a view of) and on a rough day, you won’t be guaranteed to make it back out again. You can’t see or get to the beach safely from this track.

Facing East To Broken Head
Looking East from Broken Head

From the path, you can see over to the Sherbrook Creek Beach to the west and Mutton Bird Island sitting off the coast line to the east. The path starts at Thunder Cave, goes out to Broken Head with a little loop, then back to Thunder Cave, it’s about 500 metres in total.

Looking at Sherbrook River from Broken Head
Sherbrook River from Broken Head

Broken Head Beach

Broken Head Beach is to the north of the Broken Head walking track. The beach is about 150 metres from south to north, with the northern tip being close to the Sherbrook River.

Getting down to the beach can be pretty difficult from Broken Head or the track to Sherbrook River from Thunder Cave. It seems easiest to get to Broken Head Beach by heading over to Sherbrook river, then walk over the rocks on your left and you’ll come to a small cliff that drops down into the beach.

The whole area here is super fun to explore, you’ll feel like a real bad ass, but keep in mind that it can be dangerous. The conditions can change fast and people have been swept in and killed by rouge waves crashing over the cliff top, so be careful.

Swimming & Surfing at Broken Head Beach

The waves are usually around one metre tall and there is larger swell that breaks above a reef, some rocks and sand bed near the heads.

This coastline is referred to as the ‘Shipwreck Coast’ for good reason. It can get pretty wild here with huge waves.

It can be safe to swim here at times, although there is usually a strong and dangerous rip. Unless you’re an experienced sea swimmer or surfer, you’re better off heading to Port Campbell, which is only minutes down the road by car.

Broken Head Beach

Accommodation & Camping Near Broken Head

There are loads of accommodation and camping options nearby.

The closest town is Port Campbell, where you’ll find any kind of accommodations that you’re after. It’s about a five minute drive west. Whether it be a more luxurious option, camping, cabins, there’s even a backpackers hostel. Port Campbell is possibly the most beautiful town along the entire Great Ocean Road.

Heading about the same distance as Port Campbell in the other direction (east, back to towards Melbourne) is Princetown. Princetown has three main options, two being camping parks, the other is an Inn with a pub! Camping in Princetown down on the Recreation Reserve is the most cost effective option in the area and you’ll be right next to loads of Kangaroos.

If you’re after a campground that’s more remote in a national park, try Aire Crossing in Beach Forest or Johanna Beach in the Otways.