Wairo Beach Holiday Park is one of the more unique caravan parks and cabin accommodation on the east coast that has direct beach access via a 200 metre or so track.

There’s a full lane way of cabins where they’ve been made to look like shops from an old town, with each cabin having a different shop front. From a petrol station to a bank, an old style general store that’s next to a double story pub. None of them are actually in business (other than the laundry), all of them are set up for accommodation ranging in sizes.

The old shops make Wairo Beach Holiday Park a fun and interesting place to stay, although it also attracts lots of families with young kids and tour groups, so it can be very loud at the quietest of times and probably shouldn’t be your first choice if you’re looking for somewhere to get a good night’s sleep, as there’ll be backpackers on a surf tour drinking until after midnight, then kids playing at the break of dawn.

Wairo Beach
Old Wairo Town - General Store
Track to Wairo Beach

Powered sites are spread throughout the pristine caravan park, mostly nestled between cabins. Most of the powered sites are of a generous size, although there is one row that’s a little bit tight and not suitable for big rigs, but if you’ve come along with a bus or extremely long caravan, there’s even a powered section under the trees just near the path down to the beach.

An unpowered section is available for those with tents or their own power supply, just next to the camp kitchen.

If you’re looking for cabin accommodation and not too fond of the old style shop fronts, there are dozens of other very well kept cabins and accommodation options that also vary in size.

Wairo Caravan Park - our Powered Site
Wairo Caravan Park - Powered Sites
Wairo Caravan Park alley
Wairo Caravan Park Unpowered Sites

Campground Facilities

Wairo Beach Caravan Park has all of the facilities to make for a comfortable stay.

Just near the entrance is a large two story building with amenities showers and a laundry on the ground floor, then a TV and games room above. This is next to a kids pool and play area, just down from tennis courts and a large jump pillow for kids.

Toilets and showers can be found in different amenities blocks throughout the caravan park.

In the old Wairo town, one of the shops is actually a working coin laundry at the front, then showers and toilets out the back.

Plenty of picnic tables are placed around the park and there’s a small undercover camp kitchen with a large sitting area next to the non-powered camping area.

Old Wairo Town - Laundry
Wairo Caravan Park Kitchen
Wairo Caravan Park Picnic Area
Wairo Caravan Park Jumping Pollow
Wairo Caravan Park Swimming Pool
Wairo Caravan Park Swimming Pool
Wairo Caravan Park Game Room

Old Wairo Town

Old Wairo Town - Pub
Old Wairo Town - Bank
Old Wairo Town - Stables
Old Wairo Town - Gas Station