Affordable caravan park only 15 minutes from the centre of Darwin

Robbie Robins Reserve is a no frills campground and caravan park on the outskirts of Darwin that’s only about a 15 minute drive from the centre of town.

Camp on thick, lush green grass out the back of the equestrian centre, around the edge of where they play lacrosse.

Robbie Robins Reserve
Robbie Robins Reserve

Choose between powered and non-powered sites, each spot is around the edge of a large grass field. Although a couple of sites are in the shade of trees, most are in full exposure to the sun.

The biggest draw card to the Robbie Robins Reserve is its location. If you’re coming into Darwin from Katherine, you’ll be on the Stuart Highway and this place backs onto it. Set up base here, then it’s a short and easy drive into the city.

There isn’t a pool or any other exciting features here, making it suitable for those that aren’t going to be spending a lot of time by the van and just want a cheap, safe and tidy place to park it and make home for the night.

Robbie Robins Reserve
Robbie Robins Reserve

Campground Facilities

There are two amenity blocks that are found at either end of the field. One just has toilets, the other one also has showers.

Just like the field and caravan park, the amenities are kept clean and tidy. Some camp sites are a bit of a walk from either of the amenity blocks, if that’s important to you, then it might be worth mentioning it when booking.

Getting to Clematis Falls from Halls Gap

Robbie Robins Reserve back on to the Stuart Highway, but you’ll need to enter via a back street.

As you’re coming into Darwin from the Katherine direction and approaching the ‘Robbie Robins Reserve Van Park’, you need to turn left off of the Stuart Highway just before the park at Tivendale Road. You’ll then see a side street on your right called Wongabilla Street, turn down it and drive to the end.

The entry to the caravan park is straight ahead, blocked by some large wire gates. To the right is the office (over in the corner) where you can book and pay, then you’ll head through the gates and over to the caravan park.

Powered sites are over along the far, back fence and in front the hedged fence, backing on to the Stuart Highway.