Camping at the Princetown Recreation Reserve

Camp right beside the Kangaroos and hear the mighty Southern Ocean crashing into the Gellibrand River Mouth at the Princetown Recreation Reserve, which is one of the closest possible places to go camping near the Apostles in the Port Campbell National Park on the Great Ocean Road.

Princetown is less than seven kilometres from the 12 Apostles on the treacherous and wild Shipwreck Coast. Just beside the Princetown Wetlands, a short drive from the centre of Princetown is the old cricket oval, AKA the Princetown Recreation Reserve which is now a campground run by a bloke called Mick.

It’s best to check the prices, although when we were here recently, it was just $15 for the two of us and then one of my friends joined us on the second night for just an additional $5. We did stay here in the off-peak periods, the prices are a little bit higher otherwise.

Each morning that you wake up, you’ll be surrounded by dozens of Kangaroos grazing on the grass. They avoid the heat during the day and rest in the shade, you’ll be able to see them again in the late afternoon and early evening.

Facilities At the Princetown Reserve

Although the Princetown Recreational Reserve is a great place to go camping due to the nearby Kangaroos, beach, river and attractions such as the Apostles, there aren’t a lot of facilities.

There are toilets here and it is possible to have fires in raised fire pits.

If you’re looking for a comfort camping experience, then you better bring a lot of equipment with you or stay somewhere else.

Things To Do In The Area

Normally, people come to Princetown when they’re on a trip down the Great Ocean Road and visiting the 12 Apostles, so of course visiting the Apostles has got to be high on the list of things to do.

The Apostles are great to check out and you can walk there in about two hours from the Princetown Recreation Reserve by following the final part of Great Ocean Walk that starts in Apollo Bay (ages away).

Just before the 12 Apostles is a super old staircase named Gibson Steps and it takes you down to the beach which is at the base of the 40 metre cliffs and Gog & Magog.

If you drive for a few minutes past the Apostles, you can then checkout Loch Ard Gorge, The Razorback, Mutton Bird Island, Thunder Cave and Sherbrook River all via short walks from the same car park and it’s probably the most intriguing and fun place to explore along most peoples Great Ocean Road trip.

Princetown Recreation Reserve

Where Else To Stay Nearby?

The Princetown Recreation Reserve is a great place to go camping. It’s family friendly and there’s loads to do in the area, but if you’re looking for somewhere, there are many options to chose from.

Just hundreds of metres away, in the middle of Princetown is the 12 Apostles Inn, which is a pub that has affordable accommodation. Across the road from the Inn, is the Apostles Camping Park which is suitable for caravans, camping and has cabins.

About five minute past the 12 Apostles from Princetown is Port Campbell. Port Campbell is much larger than Princetown. It’s a beautiful place and there are tons of options, from luxury accommodation to hostels.

If you’re wanting to go somewhere a bit more remote, try Aire Crossing Campsite or Johanna Beach Campsite in the Great Otway National Park.