Camp just 10 kms from Kings Canyon at Discovery Parks

Kings Canyon Caravan Park & Resort is the closest accommodation and campground to Kings Canyon, just 10 kms from the national park’s car park where the waling trails begin.

Spend the day exploring the impressive surrounding area, then retreat to the holiday park to cool off in the pool or have a game of tennis before grabbing a drink and meal at the on-site restaurant and bar!

Kings Canyon Caravan Park
Kings Canyon Caravan Park

The caravan park is spread over a large area with mostly powered sites, then there are a couple of designed non-powered sections.

Trees can be found throughout the entire campground, but due to the very dry and hot climate, they don’t have a huge amount of leaves or offer too much shade, although if you park strategically, there’ll be a chance of escaping the full exposure of the harsh sun.

No matter where you set up camp, cooking and cleaning facilities will never be too far away as there’s a large number of builds spread throughout the caravan park that provide shelter and house barbecues, sinks, picnic tables and ammenities.

Kings Canyon Caravan Park
Kings Canyon Caravan Park
Kings Canyon Caravan Park
Kings Canyon Caravan Park

Campground Facilities

With the Kings Canyon Caravan Park beings so far from any towns, they’ve provided just about everything you need all with-in the complex.

Just near the campground entrance is a petrol station and a general store, which is right beside a large bar and restaurant. You’ll be able to grab some necessities at the store or take a night off cooking all-together.

Between the shop and camping area is a large pool and grass picnic area.

Many amenity blocks with well maintained and clean toilets and showers are spread throughout the caravan park, as well as a laundry and shelters with cooking + washing-up facilities.

Getting to Clematis Falls from Halls Gap

Finding the Kings Canyon Caravan Park, otherwise known as ‘Discovery Kings Canyon’ is about as easy as it gets.

The simplest way to put it: Head to Kings Canyon, once you get to the national park turn off, don’t turn off and instead drive 6 kms further to the caravan park and resort entrance.

You’ve got to get onto Luritja Road and drive north, all of the way to the end. The end of Luritja Road is where there’s the turn off to Kings Canyon National Park, which is a road that goes 4kms to the east, to the national park car park where the hiking trails begin. Once you pass the turn off, the road changes to Larapinta Drive, it’s then just 6 kilometres to the caravan park.

If you’re coming from Uluru, head towards Alice Springs on the Lassater Highway, then a bit more than half way to the Stuart Highway, turn left at Luritja Road and follow it all of the way to Discovery Kings Canyon.

If you’re coming from Alice Springs, there are shorter routes, but you’ll need a 4wd. The only way to get there in a 2WD is to head towards Uluru. Once you’ve turned off the Stuart Highway onto Lasseter Highway, you’ll then need to turn right at Luritja Road and follow it all of the way to the caravan park.