Free camp near Katherine

King West Rest Area is on the edge of Victoria Highway, about 25 minutes to the south-west of Katherine in the Northern Territory.

After crossing the Kimberley, King West is a half-decent free roadside campground near Katherine for if you’re coming in late or heading towards the Kimberley’s early, if you don’t mind the sound of road trains rolling past throughout the night.

King West Rest Area
King West Rest Area

The area is flat and easy to access with a bunch of different places to set up, finding a spot for the night shouldn’t be a problem, as there’s an option of overflowing at the back and on the Katherine side of the place.

In the centre of the parking area is a shelter with picnic tables, next to a fire pit. You can park close to the centre area or there are some spots over the back where you’ll be stepping out of your van or RV onto grass.

Plenty of trees are found throughout the place, there are several spots that are partly shaded from the afternoon sun. Most of the place has a lot of exposure to the sun, but at different times, different picnic tables are under some shade, otherwise head to the shelter.

This isn’t a place you’d head to as a destination of its own, but it serves the purpose of being a free place to park the van with toilets when in the area.

King West Rest Area

King West Campground Facilities

There are two toilets, although the taps are missing in both of them, so you’ll need to wash your hands with your own gear.

Two large water tanks are onsite, which would usually be for fire fighters, although you’ll find people using them. We suggest that you bring along your own drinking water and hand-sanitiser.

Multiple fire pits and picnic tables are spread throughout the place.