Set up camp just a short walk from where you can swim at Florence Falls

Florence Falls is tucked away in the Litchfield National Park, a couple of hours drive from Darwin.

The stunning waterfall has rock walls either side and forms a large plunge pool that’s perfect for swimming at the end of long day of exploring the incredible national park.

Walk down a short track from the Florence Falls 2WD Campground then a whole heap of stairs into a tropical forest where you’ll follow the track for another 50 metres or so to reach the pool at the base of the waterfall.

Looking down into Florence Falls
Florence Falls, Litchfield National Park

The Florence Falls 2WD Campground is easy access, as the name suggests.

All of the campsites are on either side of a single road, some are on uneven surface, some are smaller than others, but most individual sites are of generous size on a flat surface. Reversing in is required.

The entire campground is in a forest with an abundance of trees and shrubs with plenty of shade, but you’ll still get some sun exposure throughout the middle of the day. Some foliage fills the space between each camp site, creating a bit of privacy from one-another.

Florence Falls Campground
Florence Falls Campground
Florence Falls Campground

Set up base at Florence Falls campground and explore the rest of the Litchfield National Park by day, as it’s all with-in a pretty short distance and Florence is quite central.

Each campsite has a fire pit, ideal for roasting marsh mellows after relaxing in the plunge pool and taking a hot shower! The three best things about Florence Falls campground!

Florence Falls Campground
Florence Falls Campground
Florence Falls Campground
Florence Falls Campground
Florence Falls Campground

Campground Facilities

The amenities at Florence Falls 2WD campground are very good for a national park and kept clean. It’s not often that you find hot water at bush campground.

Central to the campground is an amenities block that has a row of flushable toilets on one side and showers with hot water on the other.

Getting to Clematis Falls from Halls Gap

Finding Florence Falls 2WD & 4WD Campgrounds is very easy.

Head into the Litchfield National Park from the turn off of the Stuart Highway at Batchelor and follow the long, winding road through the forest.
Batchelor is about a 1 hour drive south of Darwin or 2.5 hour drive north of Katherine.

Once you’ve turned off the main highway at Batchelor, you’ll be on Rum Jungle Road and you’ll need to turn left onto Litchfield Park Road after about 5-10 minutes.

Follow Litchfield Park Road for about 30-40 minutes, past the Termite Mounds and you’ll then see the signs pointing to the right for both Buley Rockhole (another decent swimming spot!) & Florence Falls. Turn right and follow the road until you see the Florence Falls 2WD or 4WD campground.