Free camp in Sydney

Just to the north of the city, as you’re coming in (or out) of Sydney on the Pacific Highway is the Deerubbun Reserve, a free campground and rest stop with facilities.

Although it’s large enough to seem like a lake, Deerubbun Reserve is right next to the Hawkesbury River in Mooney Mooney. This free campground in Sydney is actually a large car park filled with boat trailers as it’s next to a boat ramp, & part of this area is where you’re allowed to spend the night in an RV or caravan, but as it’s a car park, camping in tents isn’t allowed.

River view at Deerubbun Reserve
Our caravan at Deerubbun Reserve
Breakfast and snacks at Deerubbun Reserve

As the camping area is a car park, it’s not the most beautiful campground, but the grass area beside the river is really nice, making it a surprisingly good free campground in Sydney.

The place is quite large, so even though it’s a free camp in Sydney and would be expected to always be full, there’s a good chance that you’ll easily find a spot to park the RV or caravan.

River view at Deerubbun Reserve
River view at Deerubbun Reserve

As the place is just on the edge of one of Australia’s largest cities, doubles as a boat parking area and right near the highway, it is quite loud all night and the bins are emptied at about 4:30am most mornings, but it’s still great to be able to free camp in Sydney and it’s really not too bad at all!

Campground Facilities

There are toilets between the car park and river, although due to how busy the place is, they’re not often in the cleanest state, but it’s pretty good for what should be expected at a free campground in Sydney!

Just beside the toilet block is an undercover barbecue area with picnic tables. Picnic tables and park benches can also be found next to the river on the grass area and beneath the trees.

On the right days in the morning, grab yourself an ice cream from the ice cream van that frequents the place.

Toilets at Deerubbun Reserve
Picnic area at Deerubbun Reserve
Parking at Deerubbun Reserve