Free camp near Alice Springs at Burt Plains Bush Campground

If you’re travelling through the red centre and coming into Alice Springs late or leaving early, Burt Plains is the closest free campground to town and an ideal location for a stop over.

Plenty of caravan parks and other paid accommodation options can be found in Alice Springs, although free camping isn’t permitted or considered safe. Burt Plains Bush Camp might be your next best option, which is only less than 30 minutes north of Alice Springs and doesn’t seem to attract trouble makers that are known to be a challenge in the area.

Burt Plains Bush Camp
Burt Plains Bush Camp
Burt Plains Bush Camp
Burt Plains Bush Camp

Burt Plains Bush Camp is spread over quite a large area where small tracks twist and turn through the scrub. There are plenty of open areas for groups with lots of people or more secluded sections where you can set up the caravan or RV between the bush with a bit of privacy.

As the scrub and small trees are larger in height than most caravans, it’s easy to set up in a position that will give you some shade in the morning, afternoon or both.

Typical to the Alice Springs region, the campground is on thick red dust. This is fine to drive on when it’s dry, but take caution in heavy rain as it can turn to mud.

The entire camping area is on a flat and even surface and reversing-in isn’t required.

Campground Facilities

Nil. There isn’t anything here, at all.

Burt Plain Bush Camp is more-or-less a roadside stop with a bunch of scrub. It’s suitable as a quick stop-over for those that are fully sufficient.

There isn’t any water, toilets, man-made shelter on anything of that kind.

Burt Plains Bush Camp

Getting to Burt Plains from Alice Springs

Burt Plains Bush Campground is very easy to get to from Alice Springs, the only hard thing is spotting the place as there are no facilities or signs.

Head out north of Alice Springs on the Stuart Highway towards Darwin. Just under 40 kms from the centre of Alice is the campground.

Burt Plains Bush Camp is on the left of the highway. You’ll need to spot a few dirt tracks going off of the highway.

Close to the highway, you’ll see a few ways to get into the bush and if it hasn’t rained a lot, there’ll be some tyre marks in the sand. Either set-up camp there, close to the road, otherwise find somewhere more private over the back that’s a bit further away from the road trains driving past.