Free camp close to Mount Buffalo National Park with a short walk to Buckland River

Ah Youngs Campsite is on a large grass patch that’s surrounded by trees within a short walking distance from the Buckland River, perfect for swimming and fishing.

If you’re visiting the Mount Buffalo National Park and want to head somewhere that’s a bit out of the way, out of town and completely free, Ah Youngs is a great choice. Keep in mind that there’s no phone service, although that can be a big plus for many people.

The campground is one large area on a flat surface between a couple of mountain ranges that’s covered in lush green grass with plenty of spots in the shade.

Ah Youngs Free Campground
Ah Youngs Free Camp
Campsite at Ah Youngs

It’s well suited for vehicles of anytime as four-wheel driving isn’t required, although you’ll need to drive along a few kilometres of a dirt road, but it’s not rough. As the place is quite big, reversing isn’t always required, you can just pull onto the grass and turn around.

If possible, get in early as it’s a popular place, but even if it’s too busy to squeeze in somewhere, there are several more free campgrounds further down the road.

Caravan Set up at Ah Youngs Campsite
Ah Youngs Campsite

No more than a few minute’s walk from the campground down a well maintained track is the river with easy access if you’re planning on heading in for a swim on a hot day. There’s even a spot where you walk down a short track through the Blueberries and can climb on to a large boulder and jump in, although we don’t recommend it because there are plenty of submerged rocks and logs, but of other people made the most of it!

It’s also a good spot to throw in a line as there are plenty of fish about!

Swimming at Buckland River, Ah Youngs
Fishing at Buckland River, Ah Youngs

Campground Facilities

There’s a drop toilet near the campground entrance, although bring along your own supply of toilet paper.

Plenty of fire pits are spread throughout the camping area.

There aren’t any water facilities, you’ll need to bring all of your own water, including for drinking and washing up.

Toilets at Ah Youngs Campsite
Firepit at Ah Youngs Campsite

While you’re in the area, if you feel like heading on some hiking trails, consider the Mount Buffalo Circuit for a really enjoyable 10km hike that goes past a lot of the best sites in the national park, or make your way to the highest peak in the area on a short but steep 1km hike to The Horn Summit.