Sustainable Camping Tents

Browse between 100% biodegradable, hand-made tents to environmentally friendly alternatives that are mainly made from sustainable materials with a few synthetic components to improve functionality and waterproofing.

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Whelen tent
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Hunter’s Lean-to Tent (Cotton Canvas)

Cotton Canvas Tent with large opening
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Cotton Canvas Tent & Canopy

Cotton Canvas Tent
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Cotton Canvas Retro Tent

Cotton Canvas Air Pole tent
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Inflatable Poles Cotton Canvas Tent

Cotten tent from outside
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Cotton Canvas Pyramid Tent


Large Cotton Canvas Pyramid Tent

Canvas tipi tent
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Cotton Canvas Decagon Family Tent

Cotton Canvas waterproof tent
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XL Luxury Cotton Canvas Glamping Tent


Handmade Oilskin Tarp (Mountain Brown)


Handmade Oilskin Tarp (Forest Green)

Genuine Nessmuk Oilskin Tarp Tent
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Handmade Oilskin Canvas Shelter

Ground Cloth
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Oilskin Canvas & Wool Ground Cover