Take a look at our blog post of when we went to find some Kangaroos near Melbourne. Otherwise please come back soon when we have loads of photos, images and information on where to go to best spot Kangaroos.

How to find a Kangaroo

The main thing to know is that they eat grass and hide from the sun during the day in the bushy dry forest. Try finding a Eucalypt or other trype of fry forest then early in the morning or evening, when the sun isn’t at full force, head to a grassy area and you should have a good chance to spot a Kangaroo.

The Grampians, around 3 hours west of Melbourne is a place home to over 30,000 wild Kangaroos and is well worth visiting if you want to get up close with some roos.

We haven’t quite yet got to this guide to spotting Kangaroos, but we’ll be working away on it in a few days. We’ll give you information on where to look and some top destinations best for finding Kangaroos in the wild. Please be sure to come back and check it out again soon. In the meantime, take a look at our blog.