Hike on a loop to get the best views of the huge Wentworth Falls

Wentworth Falls are massive and the best way to explore the place is by foot.

The total height of the waterfall is 187 metres and to see it properly, head on a hike around to get multiple views from either side of the falls, you can even go most of the way down and look up at the waterfall while relaxing in one of the rock pools.

Wentworth Falls
Wentworth Falls

There are loads of ways to experience Wentworth Falls and plenty of look outs. The best way to approach it is by wandering around aimlessly and heading down the different tracks to visit a variety of vantage points, most of which will provide completely different views.

From the car park, it’s a 300 metre walk to Wenworth Falls Lookout, although you barely get a glimpse and can only just see the top of the waterfall among the forest, it’s best to keep walking past here and head straight for Fletchers Lookout, by following the signs and going down hill towards the falls.

Once you’ve made it to Fletchers Lookout and had a good look at Wentworth Falls, head back up the hill for a few metres, then walk across the top of waterfall in the direction of Queens Cascade and the National Pass Track. Once you’ve made to the other side of the waterfall, the track is right on the cliff edge (behind a guard rail) and you’ll be able to see Wentworth Falls from the opposite side of Fletchers Lookout – the views from here are incredible!

If you’ve still got plenty of energy and want to head down to the rock pools, keep following the trail on the National Pass Track and it’ll take you down a very steep set of stairs to the Rocket Point, just keep in mind that you’ll have to come back up again! Otherwise head back the way you came from towards Princes Rock Lookout (past Fletchers) to see a bit more.

Wentworth Falls (view from above)
Wentworth Falls Walk Lookout
Wentworth Falls Cascades

Whether or not you’ve crossed the top of Wentworth Falls past Queens Cascade and gone down to Rocket Point or not, a really stunning part of the area is the ‘Undercliff Walk’, which is between Fletchers Lookout and back the other way in the direction Princess Rock Lookout and the car park (remember, the place is well signed, so it’s easy to work out exactly what track to follow when you’re there).

Head to the west from Fletchers Lookout and the track will quite literally be underneath a cliff, kind of in a cave, with a steep drop below you. It’s an amazing part of the trail!

One of the best complete views of Wentworth Falls (as it’s hard to see the entire waterfall from the one place) is from Princess Rock Lookout. After completing the Undercliff Walk, you’ll then go up a short steep section and arrive at Princess Rock to get a downward view of the waterfall. From here, you can either continue on the track to the west which will loop right around and take you back to the car park, which is about 1.2 kms, otherwise there’s a track that cuts through and heads back up towards Wentworth Falls Lookout, where you can reach the car park in about half the distance.

Guy happy to be on the Wentworth Falls Walk
Guy holding a rock on Wentworth Falls Walk
View on National Pass Track
Wentworth Falls from above
Another fall on Wentworth Falls Walk
Wentworth Falls