Victoria is packed with hiking trails. From coast walks to rainforest treks and mountain hikes, the diversity in terrain and ecosystems across one of the smallest states in Australia seems endless.

As we explore more walks and trails across Victoria, we’ll be sharing them. We’ll be improving this web page over the coming months, but here’s a whole bunch of hiking trails in Victoria to take a look at in the meantime.

If you’ve got any questions about hiking or camping in Victoria, be sure to get in touch and we look forward to hearing from you!

More content about hiking in Victoria & a new look is on the way

We’re exploring Victoria as we speak. On the daily, we’re adding more hiking trail write-ups, videos and pictures of us hiking in Victoria and sourcing new gear to help you get outdoors in Australia. At the moment, we’ve got the focus on creating a whole heap of content around hiking in Victoria, soon we’ll have a lot more trails up on this page and then we’ll spend some time aesthetics. We hope that you enjoy reading about some of the hiking trails mentioned above and we look forward to deliver an updated and nice page about all things hiking in Victoria soon!


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