Tucked away in the remote Tarkine rain forest, west Tasmania, weaving through the dense cool-climate temperate rain forest starting at Corinna Eco Park is the Savage River Walk.

This has got to be one of the most stunning rain forest walks on that you could ever come across and you won’t see another person the whole way.

Heading all the way to Savage River is about 3kms, then returns, but you do have the chance to continue.

The first part of the trek is the Huon Pine Walk. This is mostly a board walk and lets you see Conifers that are around 3,000 years old! The forest gets more dense from here.

Admiring the Tarkine Rain Forest
Ruben in the Tarkine

The walk lets you experience the forest thriving with native trees. From huge Myrtle Beechs, ancient Tree Ferns and Sasafras growing huge trunks out the side of other trees.

It’s an easy day hike and has a lot of flat walking, although there are quite a few steep sections, but only ever for short distances. There are board walks and timber stairs in a lot of the tougher or wetter sections.

This is a world-class walk through the Tarkine rain forest in a remote part of Tasmania. Even if you’re not in the area, it’s still worth making the drive through the winding roads to get here for this stunning bush walk.

Guy crossing a creek in the Tarkine
Anneke crossing a river in the Tarkine Rain Forest
Climbing under tree on Savage River Walk, Tarkine Rain Forest
Climbing over tree on Savage River Walk, Tarkine Rain Forest

If you’re fortunate to have 2 cars or can arrange for someone else to pick you up at other end (we suggest contacting Aran from Tasmanian Safaris), you can continue for about 2kms further where there’s a small car park on Norfolk road, just keep Savage River by your side until you reach a bridge. The continue part of the walk is incredible and you should try and go a bit further, even if eventually returning to Corinna Eco Park.