Short walk down to Pool of Siloam

Pool of Siloam is below a shady waterfall and can be a great place to cool off and dip your feet in the water on a hot day after a bit of rain, otherwise take it slow and relax while sitting on the rocks, listening to the birds and escaping the sun.

The Pool of Siloam Track is pretty lengthy, but if you’re eager to just get straight down there without having to walk for miles, then we’ve got a short cut for you where the entire walk out to the waterfall is only about 600 metres!

Along the way, you’ll go past a lookout where you can see right out across part of the Blue Mountains, then down around Pool of Siloam at the waterfall is a beautiful spot to take it slow for a while.

Three Sisters in the Blue Mountains
Pool of Siloam

Drive down to the very end of The Link Road in Leura, there’s a small car park/turning area – park to the left and you’ll find a walking track. Follow this walking track to Golf Links Lookout, then turn right. At Golf Links Lookout, there isn’t a sign or mention for Pool of Siloam, it just mentions Gordon Falls, but nonetheless, head in the direction of Gordon Falls and soon enough, you’ll reach Pool of Siloam.

Trail details


This short walk is mostly down a dirt track. As it’s only about 600 metres each way, it’s pretty easy, although parts of the track are somewhat steep on the way back. Anyone with a moderate level of fitness can easily complete this short walk to Pool of Siloam.


From the end of The Links Road, it’s about 600 metres to Pool of Siloam, then 600 back, give or take 50 metres each way.


On the way back from Pool of Siloam, the total elevation gained in about 50-60 metres. Otherwise, the track is mostly down hill all of the way from the parking area to Pool of Siloam, other than one section where you’ll go up hill for about 5 metres in elevation over 30-40 metres.

Dog Friendly

Much the same as most hiking trails in the Blue Mountains, unfortunately, dogs aren’t allowed.