Walk to Lake Mummuga from Bodalla Campground

When you’re camping at the Bodalla Park Rest Area & Campground or have just called in for a break, stretch your legs with a walk down to Lake Mummuga on the easy and pleasant hiking trail.

Within a short distance, you’ll get views of the lake with several sections where the track goes right along the waters edge, making the lake look more like a river until it opens right up. The place that you first reach the water is great for fishing, you’ll often see medium to large fishing jumping out of the lake.

After about 1,300 metres, there’s a nice rocky area on the edge of the lake which is a good spot to head in and have a swim on a hot day.

Lake Mummuga Walking Track
Guy walking down on Lake Mummuga Walking Track
Lake view of Lake Mummuga Walking Track

Once you’ve walked down to the rocky area on Lake Mummuga where you can have a swim, either head back the way you came from or continue straight ahead and the trail will loop back around to the campground mostly via a 4WD track.

There’s little elevation on the way to the lake, the 4WD starts with a short steep-ish section, but it’s still easy to get up. The shortest version of the hike is walking straight to Lake Mummuga and then back the way you came from, looping around makes it a little bit longer.

Lake View of Lake Mummuga Walking Track
River view on Lake Mummuga Walking Track
Sign of Lake Mummuga Walking Track
Lake Mummuga Walking Track

Trail details


It’s easy walking trail, especially from Bodalla Rest Area to Lake Mummuga, other than a few small up hill sections and some sets of stairs. The trail becomes slightly more difficult once you’ve past the lake and loop back around via the 4WD track.

Only a low level of fitness is required.


The entire loop is 2.7 kms and the furthest point of Lake Mummuga that the track takes you past is 1.3 kms from Bodalla Rest Area.


There’s a total of about 55 metres of elevation gained on the entire walk, but most of this is after you pass Lake Mummuga and head along the 4WD track.


There are toilets, picnic tables, shelters and most importantly, drinking water all at Bodalla Park Rest Area & Campground.

Closest place to buy food & drinks

The opposite side of Lake Mummuga from Bodalla Park is the coastal township of Dalmeny, where you’ll find a grocery store.

Dog Friendly

Lake Mummuga, Bodalla Campground/Rest Stop and the whole walking track are all dog friendly, provided that the dog is on a lead.

Start en end of lake Mummunga trails
Lake Mummuga Walking Track
River view on Lake Mummuga Walking Track

Camping near Lake Mummuga

Right at the start of the walk to Lake Mummuga is Bodalla Park Rest Area & Free Campground, a great free camping area.

The place gets super busy, so it’s a good idea to find a spot before you head on the walk.

Surrounding the campground are large trees and lots of vegetation. There are several large grass areas that are well suited for tents, then a bunch of other spots for caravans and RVs, most of which require reversing in, some are drive through.

Read more about Bodalla Park Rest Area.

Bodalla Park Free Campground