Journey through the incredible Grand Canyon in the Blue Mountains National Park

The Grand Canyon Hike takes you through some of the most stunning parts of Blue Mountains on one of the best (relatively) short hikes in New South Wales.

Follow the track down a steep set of stairs into the middle of the breathtakingly beautiful Grand Canyon where you’ll walk along the creek that’s surrounded by ferns while passing dozens of waterfalls and cascades that descend from above into the deep gorge below.

Grand Canyon Hike Pool
Water creek on the Grand Canyon Track

Only a 15 minute drive from Katoomba, the Grand Canyon Hike is one of the most popular and best known trails in the Blue Mountains, not just due to it’s proximity in the national park, but once you’ve made it down to the base of the canyon you’ll be taken to what feels like a completely different world with an abundance of ancient tree ferns and giant eucalyptus trees.

The Grand Canyon Hike is a circuit trail that covers a total of around 5.5 kms in length and although it’s somewhat of a short walk and where a lot of it is on relatively flat and even ground, coming out of the canyon up the steep stairs will require a decent level of fitness or a large number of rest stops.

Grand Canyon Hike stairs
Grand Canyon Hike track
Grand Canyon Hike stairs
Great Grand Canyon Hike stairs
Grand Canyon Hike stairs

Trail details


Most of the walk is quite easy. From the car park, it’s a mostly flat trail, then no matter which direction you walk (as it’s a loop), you’ll then head down a lot of stairs and make your way into the gorge.

Through the gorge, there isn’t too much elevation and the track mostly follows the creek, other than a few short steep parts and some stairs, but it’s only in small bursts.

The hard work begins when you start the climb out of the canyon, following a very steep trail up lots of stairs. Unless you have a very high level of fitness, you’ll need a lot of water and plenty of breaks when completing this part of the hike.


The entire Grand Canyon Loop is about 5.5 kms.


Total elevation gained is about 300 metres, depending which direction you go.


There are drop toilets at the car park, but due to the amount they’re used, they’re not the cleanest.

You’ll need to bring along your own drinking water, and plenty of it.

Closest place to buy food & drinks

The township of Blackheath is just next to the start of the road that leads into the Grand Canyon, around a 5-10 minute drive from the car park. Here, you can get supplies, petrol and accommodation. Otherwise, head to Katoomba, which is only about 15 minutes away and has just about anything that you’ll need.

Dog Friendly

Dogs aren’t allowed on the Blue Mountains Grand Canyon Hiking Trail.

Grand Canyon Hike track
Great Canyon Hike Bridge
Grand Canyon Hike Tunnel
Grand Canyon Hike Track Waterfall
Grand Canyon Hike track
Guy on Grand Canyon Hike track
Grand Canyon Hike Pool
Great Canyon Hike Track
Guy on the Great Canyon Track