Walk out to Gosangs Tunnel at Mermaid Inlet in the the Jervis Bay area

Gosangs Tunnel takes you under the huge rocks next to Mermaid Inlet where you’ll come out the other side and exit onto a huge cliff that drops straight into the ocean.

The walk is quite easy on mostly a flat, formed track that goes from Abrham Bosom Reserve to Gosangs Tunnel and back, with the option of completing a larger loop or taking other trails on the way to visit a variety beaches and lookouts.

Heading out to Gosangs Tunnel isn’t so much about the journey, it’s the destination. The trail isn’t very exciting or the nicest walk in the area (if you’re just going directly to Gosangs Tunnel & back), but the tunnel is well worth the visit!

Gosangs Tunnel view with Eva
Gosangs Tunnel view with Guy

Gosangs Tunnel is one of the main highlights of Coomies Walk, which starts at Abrahams Bosom Reserve, just near Abrahams Beach. Coomies Walk is a loop that goes past a bunch of places including the Abrahams Beach, Wilsons Beach, Honeysuckle Point, Lobster Bay, Beecroft Head, Eve’s Ravine and a few other interesting coastal sites on a much larger circuit.

The Gosangs Tunnel Walk is when you choose to just walk straight out to Gosangs Tunnel and back the way you came from, which is 2 kms each way, perfect for those that are a bit shorter on time and just want to experience crawling through the tunnel.

Gosangs Tunnel Walk track
Gosangs Tunnel Walk track
Guy standing in front of Mermaid Inlet

From Abrahams Bosom Reserve car park, walk towards Abrahams Beach where you’ll head across a timber bridge over a river and then turn to the right (turning left takes you to the beach).

Follow the track until you arrive at the notice board with a map showing the larger circuit walk and different trails in the area. From here, you’ll want to head in the direction of Mermaid Inlet, which is well signed.

Although it’s an easy walk, the trail is often pretty muddy, so it’s a good idea to wear some hiking boots.

Keep following the signs to Mermaid Inlet and don’t turn off the track unless the sign points to this site, as there a bunch of trails that come off the main walking track.

Once you reach Mermaid Inlet, you’ll see a sign for Gosangs Tunnel, which is to the left. It’s only a very short distance from here to the tunnel entrance.

Getting through Gosang Tunnel and out to the other side will require some crawling for about 10 metres, then be sure to stand back from the cliff as it’s a pretty nasty drop if you go over the edge. From Gosang Tunnel, follow the trail back the way you came from or go and visit some of the other nearby places of interest in the area.

Gosangs Tunnel Entry
Gosangs Tunnel Entry
View on the edge of Gosangs Tunnel

Trail details


It’s an easy walk with little elevation. As the track is mainly sand and dirt, it becomes pretty muddy after rain, but still easy to pass.

There are some slight up hill sections, but nothing strenuous and only a low level of fitness is required to make it out to Gosangs Tunnel and back.


4 kms in total. 2 kms each way.

Dog Friendly

Gosangs Tunnel Walk via Coomies Walk is dog friendly, as long as the dog is on a lead, although it might be a bit dangerous taking them to the cliffs on the other side of the tunnel.

View on the edge of Gosangs Tunnel
Mermaid Inlet