Family friendly beach right in the middle of Torquay

Torquay is right at the start of the Great Ocean Road and Australia’s Surf Coast, so you’d expect it to have some pretty impressive beaches!

You’ve got loads of beaches to chose from when it comes to Torquay and the Front Beach would have to be at the top of the list if you’re looking for somewhere easy to get to and is safe for both kids and the older generation.

Torquay Front Beach is right next to the township and main shopping district of Torquay (excluding the factory outlets at Surf City on the highway). The beach is just at the base of the Torquay Foreshore, so if you have accessibility issues or you’re not planning on heading into the water, there’s a huge grass area with toilets, facilities and shops across the road.

The ocean here is usually very calm and safe. Unlike the surf beaches to the south, the Torquay Front Beach faces east and is normally protected from the wild weather, wind and waves that come from the west, so the swell is normally very mild and waves are rare. In saying that, of course there’s the occasional humid weather that occasionally comes from the east and makes things get stormy.

Torquay Front Beach from Point Danger

Getting to Torquay Front Beach

When you’re coming into Torquay, head to the east of the town. If you’re heading along the Surf Coast Highway from Melbourne or Geelong, just take any of the roads to the left once you’re coming into town and going past the surf factory outlets.

The Torquay Front Beach feels like the main beach of the town. It’s well signed and easy to find. Pretty much just keep going east until you see the sand. It’s just to the north of Point Danger and to the south of Fishermans Beach.

Torquay Front Beach north
Torquay Front Beach south

Where to go surfing

The waves just aren’t right ..or in existant at the Front Beach, so to go surfing, walk to the south of the beach and around Point Danger, the next beach is the Torquay Surf Beach and ideal for beginners.

If you walk a few minutes past the Surf Beach and Rocky Point, you’ll get to Jan Juc Beach and it’s more suited to a bit more experienced surfers. Heading even further west, you’ll get to the famous South side and Bells Beach, although it’s beautiful walk, you’ll probably want to drive.

Torquay Surf Beach

Surfers getting ready at Torquay Surf Beach