"Fisho's", the early European settlers fishing fleet base

Fishermans Beach is one of the more northern beaches in Torquay and it’s best enjoyed by staying dry with a tea or coffee and watching the boats launch or come back in from fishing. It’s where a fishing fleet was based, back in the early days of the European colinisation of the area and this is how it got the name ‘Fishermans Beach’, known by the locals as “Fisho’s”.

Torquay is a fishing and surfing hot spot in Victoria. It’s right at the start of the Great Ocean Road and Surf Coast which attracts millions of visitors each year. A short walk south of Fishermans Beach is the Torquay foreshore and Front Beach, which is a super popular place for families to picnic on the grass behind the beach and enjoy the safe and calm water. Just further past Front Beach on the other side of Point Danger is the Surf Beach, so the majority of the towns visitors will head to one of those beaches or further along the Great Ocean Road, leaving Fishermans Beach much more quite but still busy the locals.

Sitting right on Fishermans Beach next to the boat ramp is a large cafe and this is where you can sit in comfort and watch the boats enter or exit the ocean and go fishing in Bass Strait.

Fishermans Beach with crowed
Looking past the boat ramp at Fishermans Beach
Looking south at Fishermans Beach

Getting to Fishermans Beach

When you’re in Torquay, just head to the beaches on the eastern side of the town. There’s a large grass foreshore just north of Point Danger with huge Pine Trees, which are next to the Front Beach. Walk a bit further north from the Front Beach and the next beach you arrive at will be Fishermans Beach.

You won’t be able to miss all of the boats, none of the other beaches have boats anchored at them.

Eva at Fishermans Beach
Fishermans Beach Boat Ramp
Life Saving Club at Fishermans Beach

Where to go surfing

You won’t find the waves or space at Fishermans Beach. The beach itself has loads of boats docked there and the beach faces east, where-as the weather usually comes from the west, so there aren’t a great deal of weaves rolling in either.

Walk to the south of Fishermans Beach, past the Front Beach and once you get to the other side of Point Danger, you’ll be at the Torquay Surf Beach.

The Surf Beach is ideal for beginners as it normally only has soft and small waves without too many rocks. For something a little more advanced and close by, walk west to Rocky Point and on the other side is Jan Juc Beach which usually has larger waves. To take things up a whole ‘nother level, drive a few minutes further to the west and you’ll get to South Side and Bells Beach.

If you would rather head north-east, back towards Melbourne. Then try Ocean Grove for beginners or 13th Beach at Barwon Heads for more experienced surfers.

Torquay Surf Beach

Surfers getting ready at Torquay Surf Beach