Short hike to a short waterfall on the Great Ocean Road

Not far to the west of Lorne at the base of the Great Otway National Park is a short 750 metre walk to where the Sheoak Creek drops off the edge of the Sandstone cliffs creating the 15 metre Sheoak Falls.

Sheoak Falls is a good place to stretch your legs when driving along the Great Ocean Road or if you’re warming up for a day ahead of exploring the many waterfalls in the area.

At just 15 metres tall, Sheoak Falls isn’t a giant but it’s normally flowing well and still pretty stunning because of the whole area and experience of getting there.

The waterfall is at the bottom of some steep hills and surrounded by big flat sandstone cliffs and caves with a calm and shaded pool at the base of the falls. It’s a cool waterfall to take a quick look at, although the best part of going to Sheoak Falls is the short walk along the creek where the reeds tower about 3 metres into the air, then as the walk begins to elevate it’ll give you a view of the ocean if you stop and turn around.

Walking to Sheoak Falls quite easy and there are timber stairs in some parts, so although that makes for an easier hike, it’s not accessible for everyone. The track is very well maintained, it even has handrails down some of the sets of stairs and concrete along the creek bank to stop it from becoming too muddy. There are some short, steep hills and the track is a Grade 3 hike, but it requires very little fitness and is suitable for young families.

The walk to Sheoak Falls is dog friendly.

Eva and dog at Sheoak Falls

Getting to the Sheoak Falls carpark

The Sheoak Falls Carpark on the Great Ocean Road is the closest car park to the waterfall.

If you’re heading west along the Great Ocean Road, only a couple minutes after you come out of Lorne, you’ll see the signs telling you that the Sheoak Falls carpark is 300 metres ahead on the right.

Once you pull into the car park, just follow the signs. You’ll walk up some stairs, head along a board walk and then follow the creek inland.

Alternatively, you can park at the picnic area area and walk from there, which is about 3kms each way.

Board walk on the way to Sheoak Falls
Trail beside Sheoak Creek
View of the ocean from Sheoak Falls carpark
Great Ocean Road from Sheaok Creek

Just before you reach Sheoak Falls, there are some steps going up to the left that will take you past Swallow Cave and onto the Sheoak Picnic Area.

The first part of the walk is steep, then that’s about it. You’ll walk along a cliff edge and get a view down to Sheoak Falls. After a few hundred metres, there’s a water crossing that can’t be crossed if the water level is too high, often being the case after a lot rain. Once/..if you’ve crossed over the Sheoak Creek, the trail goes back towards Sheoak Falls for a hundred metres or so, you’ll then find a huge cave on the other side of some cascades.

If you’re to continue inland for about 2.5kms from the river crossing, you’ll get to a large and beautiful picnic area with facilities. It’s a mostly flat walk and protected from the sun, making it easy and enjoyable. The picnic area is central to a bunch of other waterfalls, ranging from about 1.5-4.5 kms in different directions.

Sheoak Falls from the behind the pool
View of Sheoak Falls from above