One of the best views of the Great Ocean Road on the Surf Coast

Teddy’s Lookout gives almost a birds eye view of the Great Ocean Road that crosses the St George River and wraps around the Lorne Scenic Beach.

The lookout is 113 metres above sea level in the hills behind Lorne, which is around 45 kms from the start of the Great Ocean Road in Torquay. The view is so clear and uninterrupted across Bass Strait that people have even claimed to have seen the Aurora Australis, the Southern Lights from up at the lookout.

It’s a stunning place to briefly call into. It was named by the first colonial that came across the area when he was chasing some stray cattle, trying to round them up. He looked through the trees, out to the ocean and thought ‘this place is worth naming’. You can even go into the bush like he did and walk down from the lookout to the St George River, so you could have one person drive and pick you up to then continue your tour along the Great Ocean Road.

Looking out to Bass Strait over the Lorne Scenic Beach

Great Ocean Road from Teddy's Lookout

Eucalyptus forest in the Great Otways National Park

Rolling Otways Hills from Teddy's Lookout

Getting up to Teddy's Lookout
from the Great Ocean Road

Once you enter Lorne and cross over the Erskine River, you’ll see the Lorne Tourist Information Centre.You can take almost any right turn here for the next 6 streets to make your way upto Teddy’s Lookout, but beware, some of the roads up the hill are extremely steep and there’d be no chance that a caravan could be towed up them.

Teddy’s Lookout is at the southern end of George Street. Almost all of the roads going up hill from the main road in Lorne will run into George Street and that’s where you’ll just need to turn left and drive right out to the end.

If you’re worried about making it up the steep hill, turn right at Otway Street which is at the roundabout where the Info Centre is, directly opposite the centre. You’ll get to a round about, turn left and taking George Street and follow it to the end. This is the least steepest route out of them all but it can still be pretty tight for large vehicles.

Sitting in a tree at Teddy's Lookout

Camping near Teddy's Lookout

There are loads of ripper campgrounds in and around Lorne and Teddy’s Lookout.

Back near the tourist information centre, just on the other side of the roundabout and opposite the Foodworks is the Lorne Foreshore Caravan & Camping Park. This is a really comfortable place to set up camp as it’s right on the edge of the main strip with the bars, cafe’s and restaurants, opposite a grocery store, a short walk from the beach and right beside the beautiful Erskine River.

If you’d like to head a bit further out of town but would still prefer to have some facilities and comforts, then continue west for about 5 kilometres out of Lorne, past where you can see Teddy’s Lookout up on the hill in your rear-view mirror and you’ll find the stunning Cumberland River Holiday Park. When you’re standing at Teddy’s Lookout and can see down into the St George River and Lorne Scenic Beach, this is just what Cumberland River is like, but even more green, spread out and a bit nicer. It’s an incredibly beautiful private campground.

Both of these places are private camping and caravan parks. To find somewhere more remote, head into the Great Otway National Park that’s behind Lorne and Teddy’s Lookout. Here, there are dozens of smaller campgrounds in the bush and you can find them on the Parks Vic Website. Two of our favorites are Lake Elizabeth Campground and Aire Crossing Campground, although if you’re happy to drive further and want to camp by the beach on the edge of the forest, have a quick read about Johanna Beach Campground.