Bird Rock Lookout is high above the Sandstone cliffs that fall into Bass Strait and gives an unspoiled view on the incredible and popular Jan Juc Surf Beach.

You’ll either find this place if you’re walking along the Surf Coast Walk from Rocky Point to Bells or if you happen to be calling into the small town of Jan Juc for a coffee, as the lookout is right across the road.

The Great Ocean Road is only a short distance from Bird Rock Lookout, going from Torquay (a couple of kilometres to the east) through Jan Juc and then continuing for hundreds of kilometres to the west, although the tourists buses just drive straight past here, leaving the locals in peace and instead you’ll be token tourist.

Looking east to Jan Juc Surf Beach

Looking east from Bird Rock Lookout, Jan Juc

Waves rolling into the west of Bird Rock

Looking west from Bird Rock Lookout

Where to go Surfing near Bird Rock Lookout

Bird Rock looks at Jan Juc Surf Beach. As soon as you’re on the lookout, you should be able to see surfers to your left/to the east and if you can’t see anyone, then it’s most likely due to poor swell and surf, but there’s plenty of other places nearby to give a try as you are on Australia’s Surf Coast.

Jan Juc Beach can get pretty rough with powerful waves and rips, so it normally attracts more advanced surfers. Beginners are advised to go past Jan Juc to the next beach over, the Torquay Surf Beach as the waves are more soft and smaller.

Only kilometres to the west of Jan Jac is Bells Beach and South Side Beach. These two beaches are (almost) side-by-side and often see waves that tower metres into the air. Bells is where the Rip Curl World Championship surfing competition is held each year. Even when the word cup isn’t in session, it’s common to be able find pro surfers here and it’s a lot of fun to sit up at the car park and watch.

Continuing along the Great Ocean Road and Surf Coast to the west, there are dozens of word class surfing spots. You just need to drive along and pick the most suitable spot for you, of course being wary of rips and rocks.

Heading the other direction, back towards Melbourne, 13th Beach is also another big wave beach where you’ll have a good chance of spotting some pro’s.

Beginners, if the Torquay Surf Beach is too busy, try heading to Ocean Grove which is a short distance north-east of Bird Rock and Jan Juc, there you’ll find a long and spread out surf beach with small and gentle waves. Or along the Great Ocean Road, Lorne would be your next best option is the swell is right.

Bird Rock Lookout