Slippery Rocks

Soapy Rocks is a huge red slab of Sandstone that form cliffs just off the shore and stick out of the beach in different areas, just a short walk to the south of the Anglesea beach and river mouth.

Most of the time, the rocks on the shore and at the top of the bluff behind the beach are super slippery and that’s why it’s called ‘Soapy Rock’ or sometimes ‘Slippery Rocks’.

There’s a mostly sandy 700 metre long beach below the long cliff with waves at either end that are decent for surfing.

Anglesea is just near the start of the Great Ocean Road and on the famous Surf Coast making the whole area a popular destination for local and international tourists wanting to spend their days on a stunning beach and do a bit of surfing. You can rent surfboards from a shop in Anglesea and walk to Soapy Rock, otherwise just surf at the main beach in town.

Soapy Rock Cliffs, Anglesea

Fishing at Soapy Rock

The rocks can make it a pretty slippery and dangerous spot to go fishing, but if you play it safe and avoid the wet stone, you’re in for a treat when it comes to the variety and abundance of creatures just off the shore.

This whole part of the coastline is packed with sea life. Plenty of creatures call the reefs and submerged rocks their home with predators calling in on day trips.

It’s common to find anything from Whiting and Snapper to Squids and Sharks with plenty of Salmon, Garfish and Mullets in lurking in the area.

If you need a boat ramp, head just to the south of Soapy Rocks, there’s one at Point Roadknight, although you’ll need a 4X4 and it can only be used safely in the right conditions.

Getting a view of the Soapy Rock cliffs

If you’re heading along the Great Ocean Road and want to get a view of the beautiful sandstone cliffs that form Soapy Rock or you just want to head there to do some fishing and have a surf at the ends of the beach, you’ve got two good options.

When you’re coming into Anglesea, the road goes across the Anglesea River and towards the coast. Park just near the beach and walk to your right/south-west and you’ll get a close view of the Slippery Rocks. Otherwise, drive past the Anglesea township for less than five minutes and follow the signs to the left, heading to Point Roadknight. From Point Roadknight, just get out to the beach from the car park and look to your left for an incredible view of the Soapy Rocks cliff and beach.

For more family friendly beach with less slippery and jagged rocks with much calmer swell, head past the south of Soapy Rock to the protected waters of Point Roadknight which is an easy and short walk or there’s a road and large carpark with facilities.

The Surf Coast Walk goes from Torquay, past Anglesea and Soapy Rock to Fairhaven Beach.

Surf Coast Walk past Soapy Rocks to Point Roadknight

Trail to Point Roadknight
Soapy Rock, Anglesea