Early into the Great Ocean Road on the Surf Coast, just south of the Anglsea River mouth, Point Roadknight sticks out of the coastline to the south-east, protecting the beach just to it’s north from the harsh weather and winds that come from the west.

Just a short walk or an even shorter drive from the centre of Anglesea past Soapy Rock will take you to the calm waters that sit off the Point Roadknight beach. The beach itself is stunning with thick gold sand and due to the calm and almost non-existent swell alongside the abundance of sea life, it’s a popular spot for families with young kids, beginner snorkelers and people fishing.

Behind the Point Roadknight beach are several picnic areas, facilities and a large car park. If you’re touring along the Great Ocean Road and looking for a place to have a tea break or safe swim, Point Roadknight will do the job well as most of the tour busses and tourists drive straight past and head to Lorne. If you’re not a tourist, then head in here for some nice and easy snorkeling and fishing that’s not overcrowded.

Point Roadknight
Point Roadknight and beach

Fishing at Point Roadknight

The coastline at Point Addis and the surrounding area is packed with reefs and eroded rock that makes an ideal underwater habitat for a variety of sea creatures. The area is teaming with sea life that call the submerged wonderland home and predators regularly pay a visit when looking for their next meal.

You’ll find Snapper and Whiting at the Anglsea River mouth, then the variety grows as you head south to Point Roadknight, where you can come across Sharks, Salmon, Snaper, Mullet, Garfish, Squids and plenty of other sea life.

Beach fishing at Point Roadknight is popular and there are fish cleaning facilities and a boat ramp although it’s just a slab of concrete on the beach so you’ll need a 4X4 and it’s only safe or ideal to use the boat ramp if the swell isn’t too rough and the tide is right.

Point Roadknight beach looking north
Point Roadknight Beach

Getting to Point Roadknight from Anglesea on the Great Ocean Road

As you’re driving west along the Great Ocean Road, not long after where the road officially starts in Torquay, you’ll come into Anglesea and get your first view of the incredible coast line. Less than five minutes after crossing the Anglesea River (first river that you’ll come across on the Great Ocean Road), you’ll see signs telling you to turn left for Point Roadknight.

Several roads lead to Point Roadknight from the Great Ocean Road, take any of them and after a kilometre or so, you’ll reach the Point Roadknight car park.

There’s loads of space for parking, plenty of picnic areas that are protected from strong winds and multiple toilet blocks all just behind the Point Roadknight beach.

Point Roadknight Carpark
Point Roadknight Picnic Area

Point Roadknight Boat Ramp

Point Roadknight Boatramp

If you walk around to the south of Point Roadknight, you’ll then be on Guvvos Beach which stretches for about 5 kilometres to Urquhart Bluff, which is a top surf spot in the area.