Hut Gully & Guvvos Beach on the Great Ocean Road's Surf Coast

Guvvos Beach is a huge stretch of sand at the south of Anglesea on the Great Ocean Road. It’s one the longest beaches on the entire Surf Coast and a lot of the time, it’s completely unmanned.

Stretching for a bit less than 5 kilometres, the beach faces south with Point Roadknight at the very eastern end of the beach and Urquhart Bluff right down the other end.

Decent size waves regularly roll onto the shore right along Guvvos Beach, with the most popular surfing spot being right up the western end of the beach. Keep in mind that there are a few rips along the beach and sometimes the swell can be huge, so it’s good to leave this place for surfers that have some experience. Beginner surfers should head to the Anglesea Surf Beach or Torquay Surf Beach where you can rent a board and take some lessons.

Guvvos Beach is stunning and dog friendly (lead required). It can either make for a beautiful swimming spot with minimal people in sight or a peaceful walk from one end to the other, which is part of the Surf Coast Walk from Torquay to Fairhaven Beach.

Guvvos Beach
Walking dog on Guvvos Beach

Fishing at Guvvos Beach & Hut Gully

You’ll find the occasional person surf fishing on Guvvos Beach and they’re normally trying to catch Salmon. Guvvos is packed with Salmon although you’ll also be able to catch some Snapper, Flathead and Whiting.

There are no platforms or easy way to fish at Guvvos Beach without a Surf Fishing Rod, so people usually throw a line in on the eastern end of Guvvos Beach at Point Roadknight, where you’ll find Sharks, Squid, Whiting, Snapper, Salmon and Garfish.

Guvvos Beach looking towards pt Roadknight
Guvvos Beach, Anglesea

Getting to Guvvos

You’d hardly even notice that Guvvos Beach exists because you can’t see it when driving past on the Great Ocean Road as it’s hidden beneath some shrubs and a steep bank, although there’s plenty of access to the beach.

If you’ve got the time, you can follow a trail called that Surf Coast Walk from Anglesea. Head around Point Roadknight and you’ll be standing on the incredible Guvvos Beach. Otherwise, just drive to the Point Roadknight carpark and the beach is right there.

Heading along the Great Ocean Road, once you go past Anglesea and see the signs to Point Roadknight, drive just a little bit further until you can see the ocean again. The stretch of road that you’ll be on is above Guvvos Beach and there are several small car parks with beach access/stairs down to the beach.

For surfers, head to the very west of Guvvos Beach and go down to Urquhart Bluff.

Marker on Guvvos Beach