Zumsteins picnic area is known as one of the nicest family-friendly spots in the Grampians that you can easily drive to, have a bbq and spend a few hours exploring.

Several of the main attractions in the Grampians, especially the northern Grampians are between Halls Gap and Zumsteins, making it the ideal place to have a picnic after some adventuring and exploring. You can also explore around the picnic area itself, as it’s right on the MacKenzie River a not far from Fish Falls.

If you don’t spot a Platypus in the water, you’ll still have a good chance of spotting wildlife as the open spaces in the area attract grazing Emus and Kangaroos.

Getting to Zumsteins Picnic Area

Driving here directly from Halls Gap will take about 30-40 minutes. The entire way is stunning and there are several of the main Grampians tourist attractions on the way that you might want to consider stopping in at, such as Boroka Lookout or calling into Wonderland carpark and hiking to the Pinnacle or Sundial Peak.

When you’re in Halls Gap, take the road that goes along side the cricket oval that’s usually covered in Kangaroos, Mt Victory Road, then just follow the road all the way to Zumsteins. After passing the turn off to the MacKenzie Falls, it’s about 5 minutes further.

If you’re coming from the Adelaide direction, about 10-15 minutes after going through Horsham, turn right at the Northern Grampians Road and just keep driving for another 25 minutes or so.

Hiking to Zumsteins from MacKenzie Falls

There’s a hiking trail from MacKenzie Falls going upstream to Fish Falls, then further on to the famous MacKenzie Falls.

Fish Falls is stunning and less than 2.5 kms from the Zumsteins picnic area. It’s an easy walk, then gets only a little bit tougher if you’re to continue another 1km to the base of MacKenzie Falls.

Here’s a video of when we walked the hiking trail from MacKenzie Falls to Zumsteins.

No Camping at Zumsteins Picnic Area

You’re not allowed to camp, set up a camper van or anything like that at the Zumsteins picnic area or MacKenzie Falls. You’re not allowed to camp in between the two places at Fish Falls either.

Your best option for camping is at nearby Smiths Mill and there are more than a dozen other campgrounds in the Grampians National Park. Just near Zumsteins on the Northern Grampians Road, there are some nice BnBs and other accommodation.

Back in Halls Gap, the place is filled with motels, hostels and other places to stay. Otherwise, if you’re heading in the Adelaide direction, Horsham is a small city about 45 minutes north of Zumsteins.

MacKenzie River at Zumsteins