Bullaces Glen Seasonal Waterfall

Bullaces Glen is a rocky slope in the Grampians out the back of the Halls Gap Botanic Gardens. During winter or after any amount of rain, take a short 15 minute walk to Bullaces Glen to see a stream of water dropping off the cliffs and large boulders, forming a waterfall.

Bullaces Glen, Grampians

Surrounding Bullaces Glen is some typical Victorian bushland, packed with Bracken Ferns and Eucalyptus Trees. Whether or not there’s a flowing waterfall, it’s a beautiful spot that’s just a short and easy walk from the Halls Gap township.

Some brave folk do tend to bush bash from from Bullaces Glen up the mountain in the hope of spotting a couple more waterfalls that aren’t on the map and eventually making their way up onto the ridge where you can then continue north to Boroka Lookout, but taking this route comes with a fair bit of danger and it’s not recommended (..or allowed).

From Bullaces Glen, there’s a path that continues onto Chatauqua Peak, giving a birds-eye-view of Halls Gap, from 200 metres above the town. Following the trail past Chatauqua Peak (whether or not you go up to the peak or not), you can head over to Clematis Falls, which is a large and stunning 20 metre waterfall. There’s no need to head back to Bullaces Glen, you can follow a loop right around and get back to where you started at either the Botanic Gardens or the cricket oval.

Getting to Bullaces Glen from Halls Gap

Bullaces Glen is quite easy to find and only a short walk from Halls Gap.

Either head to Venus Baths or the Halls Gap Botanic Gardens and follow the signs to either Chatauqua Peak or Bullaces Glen. The path will take you across Mount Victory Road and then it’s not far from there. The trail will begin to elevate, but not too much. When you see that things are getting pretty steep, you’ll be right at the base of Bullaces Glen.

Alternatively, if you want to take the long way round (about 5.5kms), head to the Halls Gap Recreation Reserve (the cricket oval covered in roos) and follow the trail that’s behind the grass field. This will take you to Clematis Falls, then up to Chatauqua Peak and on your decent back into Halls Gap, you’ll go past Bullaces Glen.

Bullaces Glen walking trail
Bullaces Glen walking trail sign to Chatauqua Peak
Tom pointing to Bullaces Glen walk
Bullaces Glen loop from Halls Gap

Looking for a longer walk from Halls Gap?

Walking over to Bullaces Glen and up to Chatauqua Peak is a great way to get a taste for the rocky Grampians, but you’ll be back at the start/finish line before you know it.

For a longer walk that can take the whole day and starts from the same place, try heading up to the Pinnacle. It’s about 3.5kms up to the Pinnacle or you can take a full loop around Halls Gap like we did, which is around 18.5kms. Take a look at the video here of us completing the trek.

Halls Gap Loop