Snorkelling below the surface of Ewens Ponds
Eva duck diving at Ewens Ponds
Swimming below the surface at Ewens Ponds

Ewens Ponds is a 20-30 minute drive south of Mount Gambier, South Australia. It’s made up of three ponds, starting at a fresh water spring. Each pond is connected by shallow streams then the water flows on to form Eight Mile Creek and ends in the ocean at Brown Bay.

Eva Snorkelling at Ewens Ponds
Snorkelling and exploring Ewens Ponds

Due to the ponds being filled by an underwater spring, it’s damn cold no matter what time of the year it is – be sure to bring a wetsuit alongside your snorkeling gear!

Ewens Ponds is a great place to go snorkeling or scuba diving due to the crystal clear water, vibrant colours and interesting layout. If you’re there to go snorkeling, it’s best to arrive early and try beat any scua divers entering the water, their bubbles tend to make the water less clear and they scare away the wildlife. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll see some fish and fresh water lobsters.

There is a current that will pull you through the shallow streams that join each pond, then you feel like you’re flying as the ground drops away and you’re left floating well above.

We definitely recommend you visit Ewens Ponds if you’re somewhere in the south-east region of South Australia or if you’re keen to keep travelling further once you get to the end of the Great Ocean Road!

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Snorkeling at Ewens Ponds

Ewens Ponds, South Australia
Eva above the surface at Ewens Ponds
Underwater photo of Ewens Ponds
Beneath Ewens Ponds

Another similar great spot that’s nearby and ideal for snorkeling, cave and scuba diving, is Piccaninnie Ponds, which is about a 15 minute drive to the east, just before the Victoria/South Australia border, around 10 minutes before Nelson.