Free camp between Sydney & Byron Bay

Spread out across a large patch of thick, lush grass that’s dotted in trees and surrounded by a dense forest is Coopernook Camping Grounds, a great free camp that’s half way between Sydney and Byron Bay, a bit over 10 kms from Crowdy Bay, as the crow flies.

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Coopernook Forest Campground Fire Pit
Coopernook Forest Campground Entry

The large camping area can fit dozens of groups, all with plenty of space to themselves, some are under the shade of trees and others in full exposure, allowing you to get out of the sun in summer and try heat up and make use of the solar panels in winter.

Suited to all types of campers, either set up a tent on the lawn or park the caravan where you see fit, reversing-in isn’t required.

This is a beautiful place to camp and spend a few days where it’s only a short drive to one of the many incredible nearby beaches, otherwise use it as a free overnight pit stop while travelling along the NSW coast.

Coopernook Forest Campground Toilets
Coopernook Forest Campground Toilets
Coopernook Forest Campground BBQ Area

Campground Facilities

There are two sets of drop toilets (so, four in total) that are kept clean and in good working order.

Next to the campground is a day-use area that has a large shelter with plenty of seating and several barbecues. Fire pits can be found here and throughout the camping grounds.