Sustainable & Eco Friendly Tableware

Environmentally friendly camping tableware that’s sustainably made to be durable, reusable and either biodegradable or recyclable.

Table and Dinnerware made from Rice Husk, Bamboo and All Natural materials can be used as many times as you need, then once buried in the compost, garden or landfill, they’ll deteriorate and return to nature as they’re completely biodegradable. The Steel core Enamel tableware or Stainless Steel tableware items are designed for longevity while remaining 100% recyclable.


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Enamel Camping Plates (Set of 2)


White Enamel Dinner Plates (Set of 2)


Premium Enamel Bowls (Set of 2)


White Enamel Bowls (Set of 2)


Plant Based Tableware Set


Plant Based Family Picnic Set

Cutlery Set Top View
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Stainless Steel Cutlery Set (2 of each)

Organic 7 Piece Bamboo Cutlery Set
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Bamboo Cutlery Set (7 pieces)


Small Grey Enamel Plates (Set of 2)


Small White Enamel Plates (Set of 2)


Reusable Plant Based Plates (Set of 4)


Reusable Plant Based Bowl (Set of 4)


Plant Based Cutlery Set (3 of each)

Rice Husk Spork
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Rice Husk Spork (Set of 2)

Rice Husk Lunch Box with Spork
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Rice Husk Container & Spork Set

Rice Husk Lunch Box
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Rice Husk Lunch Box (2 Pack)