We didn’t picnic at Hanging Rock

Eva on top of the Hanging Rock summit

A lot of the places that we visit requires a long drive and an overnight stay, but today we wanted to go and visit somewhere that we’ve never been and is close to Melbourne, seeing as this is where we’re based at the moment.

Recently, we started watching the old film ‘Picnic at Hanging Rock’, which is a novel about a group of school girls that go missing while they’re on an excursion. We did fall asleep pretty early into to the film but it made Hanging Rock look pretty cool, so we decided to go there.

We drove straight to Hanging Rock from just near Saint Kilda which is a little bit south of the Melbourne CBD. It took us a bit over one hour to reach the Hanging Rock park. After paying a small entry fee, we entered the park, parked our car and headed for the summit by foot.

It only took us about 30-40 minutes to get to the top area/the summit. We do believe that we were on the summit, but there’s a large area with loads of huge rocks that sticking out of the ground, so maybe a different chunk of granite was a tiny bit higher.

We took a look around for about half and hour, it’s a fun and pretty eerie place to explore.

Hanging Rock sits just over 100 metres above the surrounding plains that seem to go for ever. The view from the top is incredible and the highlight of the trip.

We had a good time exploring, but by the time we got back to the car we realised that we hadn’t even noticed the actual Hanging Rock. Looking back at the footage, we can see that we walked under it on the way back from the summit as part of the track is a loop. We didn’t go past it on the way up and didn’t notice it on the way down..

Head over here for more information about the walking trail to the Hanging Rock summit.
Here’s a video of our expedition:

As it only took up until about midday to drive to Hanging Rock, venture to the summit and return to the car, we thought that we’d go see something else nearby.

Just like usual, Eva had already researched the area and wanted to go see Turpins Falls that’s only 30 minutes or so from Hanging Rock.

We drove further north to get to the waterfall car park, then it was a short and somewhat steep track to where we got a front-on view of Turpins Falls over the waterfall lake.

This could be a really nice swimming spot on a hot day. Take a look at more photos, inforamtion and some terrible footage of Turpins Falls.

Turpins Falls from the reeds

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2 thoughts on “We didn’t picnic at Hanging Rock

  1. Shilpa says:

    Hi, my brother died a week before in Turpins falls.. I wanted to know is that place is haunted ? Here I am unable to read full article. He died in weird ways.

    1. Guy says:

      Hey Shipla,

      So sorry to hear about your brother – that’s terrible. It happens way too often, there was only another fatality there one month ago (to the day)..

      Certainly haven’t heard of anything haunting the area. It’s mainly due to people hitting shallow rocks when they jump from the top of the waterfall or surrounding cliffs.

      All the best, mate. Guy.

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