Walking Guide to Bordeaux, France

Bordeaux River Front Buildings

We spend a lot of time camping and hiking in Victoria, Australia – so much so that I’m starting to consider myself a local. As much as Guy and I love getting outdoors, I do still enjoy thinking about my previous (& most likely ‘future’) home and life in the city.

Clock Pole Bordeaux

Why I love the “wine capital of the world

Bordeaux is a stunning city in south-west France and has a history dating back thousands of years.

The heart of this beautiful city is on the Garonne River, which for hundreds of years it was used as an inland harbour freighting wine all over Europe. For some time, Bordeaux has been considered by many as the wine capital of the world.

I love wine, so naturally I love Bordeaux as there is an endless amount of high quality local wine and boutique wine vendors to chose from. A variety of beautiful Bordeaux wines can be bought for less than €5 a bottle.

The city is made up of winding roads with stone buildings that look as though they were all designed by the one architect.

During the colder months of the year, it becomes a cosy and comfortable place to live. The dozens of small wine bars and cafes stay warm and serve tea and coffee although I head straight for the vin chaud.

As Bordeaux is in southern France, the weather is quite nice and becomes hot in summer. Being on the river, on a hot day hundreds of people head to relax on the grass that stretches for kilometers along the river front.

Bordeaux Clock tower among buildings

The city is best enjoyed by foot and is home to dozens of world-class boutique wine bars and restaurants.

I’ve put together a small Bordeaux walking guide where you can take a look at some photos and recommendations, then if you ever get the chance to visit, I’ve created 3 walks that will give you a great chance to see some of the best of what Bordeaux has to offer.

Take a look at more photos and my walking guide here.

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