Touring the Mornington Peninsula with Wild Adventures Melbourne

What a wild day of adventure! It’s been sometime since we’ve ventured out to the south-east side of Melbourne, we haven’t gone hiking in a couple of weeks and we’ve never been stand-up paddle boardings, but on the weekend, we got our fix on all of the above.

On the Saturday, we went on a tour of the Mornington Peninsula with Coops from Wild Adventures Melbourne.

Living on the south-west side of Port Phillip Bay, we usually head out anywhere out this direction, whether it be the Great Ocean Road, Otway National Park, the Brisbane Ranges or the Grampians, so we were pretty excited when we had the chance to jump onboard the WAM bus and discover some places to the south-east of Melbourne.

Wild Adventures Melbourne is a new tour company that’s as eco-friendly as they come. Not only from the eco day packs and the tour guide picking up rubbish all along the way, but the environmental knowledge shared (..not pushed) and the eco focus being at the core of WAMs values and everything they do. It was a breath of fresh air to have a tour guide that actually cared about and supported all aspects of the nature and environment that they’re operating in.

It was an early start to the day, we were up at 5am in Geelong to get on a coach to Melbourne, but luckily Coops had some coffee and tea waiting for us upon arrival.

After waking up a little bit with some help from the caffeine, we then headed out to Mount Martha for our first activity of the day, Stand-up Paddle Boarding.

As we pulled into the Mount Martha South Beach, the conditions couldn’t have been better. The water was as smooth as glass without a wave or ripple in sight.

Mount Martha South Beach

While Coops prepared the boards, we went for a stroll on the pristine beach, then got our togs on. Although heading out for a SUP had been on our list for a while, we hadn’t done it before, so after a few tips and tricks from Coops, we hit the water and absolutely loved every second of it! We love getting out in the ocean for a swim or a surf, but there’s nothing quite like being able to stand out on the water and take it all in. What an incredible experience. If that was all we did for the day, we still would have given the tour 5 stars!

Once we were back on dry land, lunch time was rolling around. We went to Trofeo Estate Winery and indulged in a gourmet picnic on the grass, right beside a lake at a spot that you can really only get to experience if you’re on a WAM tour.

We ate like royalty and enjoyed a glass of wine, before heading out on a bush walk out to the Southern Ocean on Bass Strait.

During the short drive to the start of the hiking trail, Coops explained the history behind where we were heading. It was great to get insight into the area and it made the place that bit more interesting and special to us.

Before we knew it, we were out on the track and working off our lunch.

It was a pretty easy and very beautiful walk through the bush on the top edge of a valley for about 45 minutes to get out to the bay, then we spent some time hanging out on the beach and watching the world go by.

By the time we made it back to the WAM van, the early start to the day was begining to take its toll, which it made the final activity an absolute treat, relaxing at the Peninsula Hot Springs.

Eva and I have been on a bunch of day tours close to Melbourne and around Victoria, although none of them have run as smoothly as this and been so enjoyable from the second it started right up until we were dropped back where we were picked up from. We couldn’t recommend a better way of experiencing the Mornington Peninsula over one day, whether you’re a Melbourne local or just visiting the area, then we suggest you that you treat yourself to this tour and get in touch with Coops from Wild Adventures Melbourne!

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2 thoughts on “Touring the Mornington Peninsula with Wild Adventures Melbourne

  1. Andy H says:

    That Trofeo Estate picnic looks amazing!! We might have to check out WAM for a day-trip. Cheers guys

    1. Guy says:

      Hey Andy, thanks for your comment.
      Yep, it’s pretty spot on, especially after burning some energy on a hike out to Bushrangers Bay.

      Coops from WAM will take care of you!

      If you do go, please come back and let us know what you thought!

      Cheers, Guy

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