Australian Wildlife Photography Supporting Animals Harmed By Bushfires

Koala and her Joey

Australia has been devastated by the recent bushfires and so has its native fauna. Over a billion animals have lost their lives with millions of others injured and loads of species are now endangered from going extinct
(source: The Guardian).

Australian wildlife photographer Darren Donlen is selling some of his incredible photos where he has captured this countries beautiful native animals in their natural environment.

Wildlife Victoria is a charity that help injured animals. They’re doing an great job, are not-for-profit and need a bit of help. All of the money that Darren raises will be donated to them so that they can provide more care to wildlife impacted by the bushfires in Victoria.

Joey Kangaroo in mothers pouch

You can find all of the images here (or below) and pay directly to Darren. There, you can contact him and find his PayPal details. He can also provide direct debit details.

Take note: All photos in this blog post have been reduced in resolution to make the page load a bit faster. The printed images will be of a much higher quality.

If for whatever reason you can’t or don’t want to head over to Facebook, then please comment on this blog post and we’ll provide further details on how to get in contact with Darren.

The photo(s) will be printed on canvas and the pricing is as follows:

45cm x 30cm canvas $80
75cm x 50cm canvas $130
120cm x 80cm canvas $200

All prices are in Australian dollars and include delivery to most countries, although you can discuss the finer details with Darren.

You’ll need to tell Darren the image number – each photo in this post has a number below it that can be quoted to Darren. You can also find the number for each photo on Facebook.

The featured & first image in this post is #005

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