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Growing up, we’d slap on plenty of suncream at the beach. After a decent sunburn, never again would you spend time out in the sun with out a bit of ‘slip, slop, slap’. The focus was all about protecting ourselves. We had no idea how much damage was being caused to marine environments from heading in from a swim with all of that suncream on us, at the time, I don’t think many people would have.

According to SunButter Skincare, over 70% of sunscreens that are available on the market contain Oxybenzone or Octinoxate, which are now known to bleach coral reef ecosystems. 14 thousand tons of chemical based sunscreen is being washed into the Ocean each year from peoples bathers and skin.

In 2016, Tom Hiney, a Conservation Ecologist and Sacha Guggenheimer, a Marine Biologist were working on the Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia. They learned all about the negative impacts that typical chemical based sunscreens are having on reefs and other environments, so they went looking for an all-natural solution that wouldn’t cause harm to the one that they were working on, but didn’t find any good options.

Starting in Sacha’s Mums kitchen, SunButter Skincare was born!

SunButter Reef Safe Sunscreen is made with natural ingredients that are Vegan-friendly. There aren’t any chemicals or nano-particles, it’s ‘No Sunspheres (Nano Plastic Particles) Certified’ and both registered & approved by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration. Being chemical-free, it won’t hurt your eyes (or Marine life) when you jump in the water.

SunButter Skincare now have a whole range of eco friend, Ocean safe sunscreen and after sun skin care products that are made from natural ingredients in an Australian factory that’s powered by solar energy.

They’re commitment to being truly eco friendly doesn’t just stop at being chemical free, plastic free and solar-powered, all of their ingredients are traced back through the suppliers to ensure that they’re ethically and sustainable sourced, then the final product is delivered in eco packaging!

Once you’ve made it out of the sun, you can rebuild and repair your skin with some all-natural after-sun treatment.

Wash off the sunscreen with Rosalina & Marshmallow Face Scrub, treat those salty locks by rubbing Rosemary Oil Hair Serum on your scalp, stimulating blood flow and promoting hair growth, then apply the Wattle & Sea Kelp Face Oil.

The face oil has Vitamin C, Sea Kelp, Wattle and Tasmanian Mountain Pepper that work together to reduce skin stress, wear and signs of ageing. Each ingredient has a role, Mountain Pepper helps to reduce dark patches under your eyes, Sea Kelp fights loss of moisture and makes your skin more plump, Wattle reduces hyper-pigmentation and helps to prevent toxins blocking your pours and the Vitamin C reduces signs of ageing, even more so after exposure to the harsh Australian Sun.

Finally, treat your lips. SunButter Skincare’s Papaya and Honey Myrtle Lip Balm is packed with Vitamins that will help repair your lips and has a nice zingy taste to it from the Honey Myrtle.

Make the switch from chemical based sunscreen and skincare products to the SunButter eco-friendly alternative right here and now, here’s our full range of SunButter Ocean Safe Sunscreen & Skin Care products.

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