Snorkeling through a natural spring near Mt Gambier

Underwater photo of Ewens Ponds

After traveling the Great Ocean Road, in Summer 2018, we went ended up in Mount Gambier, South Australia and stayed at the Pippi Shack, which is a beach cabin right on Brown Bay, Eight Mile Creek. A few minutes drive down a dirt road that starts just near the Pippi Shack is Ewens Ponds.

We heard that it was going to be damn cold, despite it being a typically warm Austalian summer day, so we borrowed one wetsuit from that was at the beach cabin and another from the neighbour. After suiting up and driving less than five minutes, we were ready to start exploring.

Ewens Ponds is a fresh water spring, made up of three completely clear ponds that are joined by two small streams – be sure not to go down the third stream, you’ll end up in the ocean, eight miles later.

Take a look at our short video below or head over here for more information on Ewens Ponds.


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