Skydiving over Melbourne

Eva Skydiving over St Kilda, Melbourne

My birthday came around and Eva surprised me with a voucher to go Sky Diving over Melbourne, landing in Saint Kilda.

To my surprise, Eva bought herself a ticket and came along for the jump.

Throwing on our outfit and harness brought on the nerves. We weren’t too bad before then, but the guys that would be throwing us out of the plane started talking about everything that could go wrong and advising that we should call our parents one last time before the jump. We knew they were just joking and we had a laugh too (which encouraged them to keep talking their talk), but it still made us think..

As the birthday boy, I was first up. As the plane started making it’s way up to the jump height, the door opened up and the bloke I was strapped to said “hang out of the plane and get ready” – this was the most unnatural and scary things I’ve ever had to do. I sat there, literally dangling out of the planes open door. I would have happily have just been knocked out then and let the whole experience come to an end, but unfortunately I was full of adrenalin and didn’t miss a thing.

I don’t know what we had to wait for, but after about ten seconds of hanging out the plane door, we jumped.

The first part is a free fall – it was insane! There’s not much else I’ve ever done that compared to it and I suggest that you all head down to Skydive Australia and go Sky Diving over Saint Kilda at least once in your life.

While we were Sky Diving over Melbourne, we got a view of our house in Balaclava, just near St Kilda and could see right over Melbourne, even across the bay to Geelong.

Sky Diving was an incredible experience, unlike anything else. We’ll be heading out to the west to go sky diving in the Otways in the future, no doubt.

To go Sky Diving in St Kilda over Melbourne, get in touch with Sky Dive Australia and let them know that sent you there. If you do happen to go skydiving in Melbourne or have already been, let us know about it in the comments below.

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