The Search for Ramsden Cave

There’s an old story that gets referred to as the ‘Myth of Ramsden Cave’ where a farmer that was tracking down one of his lost goats ended up finding a huge cave along the Great Ocean Road.

It’s said that Ramsden Cave is somewhere between Apollo Bay and Lorne, somewhat close to the huge cliffs at Cape Patton. Allegedly, halfway up a 60 metre cliff, there’s a small tunnel that leads into the hollow mountains where there’s a massive cave and an underground lake below the Great Ocean Road.

It’s called a ‘myth’, because no-one that tells the story knows someone that’s been to Ramsden Cave or knows of its location. More than that, because of roughly where it’s meant to be, it’s thought that surely the terrain is far too difficult for anyone to find or access the cave.

The story of the farmer all happened about a century ago and it just happens to be that exactly 100 years ago to this day, construction began on the Great Ocean Road and we already had plans to attend the official celebrations in Apollo Bay this evening.

Myself and my mate, Darren, started our Great Ocean Road birthday celebrations by heading to the grave of Harold Hitchcock, who was more-or-less the God Father of the Great Ocean Road. After a quick beer in his honour, we were off to try and find Ramsden Cave.

Darren and I both take people on tours along the Great Ocean Road (among many other amazing places) on a regular basis, so we know the area pretty damn well. Darren was leading this expedition and had a strong opinion on where he thought the cave was, so we found the closest place where we could pull off the road, park the car and start trekking.

It was a bit of a mission and quite dangerous getting down to the rocky shore, then making our way along coast and trying to find the cave.

We don’t recommend that people try and find Ramsden Cave, especially if the conditions are any less than perfect. Instead, take a look at our video above and the picture below to see how we went. For recommendations on some other places to visit, please be sure to get in touch as we’ve got a lot to let you know.

Guy scaling the rocks to find Ramsden Cave
Guy scaling the rocks near Ramsden Cave
Guy on the rocks filming a wave
Guy scaling the rocks beneath Cape Patton
Guy on the rocks trying to find Ramsden Cave

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