Brand new WAY&FARER Canvas Camping Tarps

Canvas Tarps, Green and Mustard

We’re excited to have some brand new WAY&FARER Canvas Tarps available in two colours across three different sizes for purchase throughout Australia & Europe!

Escape the sun on hot summer days, create a shelter from the rain in winter, block the wind or throw it on the ground and use it as a picnic rug when camping. Although a basic item, these canvas tarps as essential for your camping gear collection.

At WAY&FARER, we get pretty excited about canvas tarps and tents, & we’ve proudly been stocking a range of both for years. Although we’ve got a selection of top-of-the line Oilskin canvas tarps that are handmade in Spain, we’ve struggled to provide our customers with a good quality canvas tarp at a much more affordable price point, until now.

After about 18 months of dealing with countless manufacturers and suppliers, getting samples and testing the final product, we’ve finally got a range of good quality canvas tarps to bring to the market that at just about the best price you’ll be able find.

Designed for camping, not only are these new WAY&FARER canvas tarps made well and at a great price, we’ve used a material that’s strong but not overly heavy, fit for the campground.

Available in Army Green or Mustard Yellow in three sizes, 2m², 2.5m² or 3m², each tarp is made of a durable 380 GSM canvas material with a water-resistant treatment. Reinforced 100% solid Brass eyelets are placed on the corners and along each side of the tarps with a double stitched hem.

Bring along some rope and either tie the tarp to some trees or if you have some extendable tent/annex poles, you can use though too (or get creative – it’s part of the fun!). The tarps can also be used for extra shade or a privacy side wall on the side of a caravan or tent.

If you’re using the tarp as a ground cover, place some tent pegs through the eyelets in the corners or along the sides of the tarp to keep it secure, otherwise use a rock or some logs.

Canvas Camping Tarps Folded on Table

Canvas tarps are such a simple item where you’ll always keep on finding different ways and places to make use of them, hence why they’re a necessity for all camping trips. Use one tarp for a shelter or shade cloth and another one as a ground cover.

You can purchase the tarps directly below or visit the product page for further details.

Australian orders will be dispatched from our warehouse in the Grampians, Victoria. Orders to EU countries will be dispatched from our warehouse in Bordeaux, France.

If you’ve got any questions about our new canvas tarps or anything else, contact us here or leave a comment below.

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4 thoughts on “Brand new WAY&FARER Canvas Camping Tarps

  1. Hi guys – is there any chance we could get you to do a special order and join two 2.5m square together….to create a 2.5m x 5m….it would be perfect for our requirements

    1. Guy says:

      We can certainly look into it.
      I’ve emailed you with a few options.
      If you’re open to buying in bulk (say, 10 tarps), we could have your branding put on it. Otherwise, we can have one handmade in Spain for you, lastly, our new partner/supplier, Alpino has some large canvas tarps, not exactly in that size, but they’ll be available soon.

      I’ll chat to you further via email. Cheers, Guy.

  2. Ryan Sainthill says:

    The choice of materials, like the durable 380 GSM canvas with a water-resistant treatment, and the reinforced solid brass eyelets, speaks to the attention to detail in crafting these tarps. Plus, the fact that they can be easily secured with tent pegs, ropes, or even extendable tent/annex poles makes them incredibly user-friendly.

    I also appreciate the transparency in terms of dispatch locations for Australian and EU orders. It’s always reassuring to know where your products are coming from.

    1. Guy says:

      Hey Ryan,

      Thanks for the comment – we’re really glad to hear that you’re happy with the description of our new tarps.

      Make sure you reach out if you have any questions or something that we can help with.

      Cheers, Guy

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