New gear from Bushcraft Spain

New Bushcraft Spain products

Loads of new gear from Bushcraft Spain has just reached Australia & we’re excited for you to get your hands on some of it!

We’ve added 16 new items to our Bushcraft Spain range, all of them are now stocked in our Victorian warehouse and also available across most European countries, here.

Like most items produced by Bushcraft Spain, we can import them into Australia for you with our next delivery from Europe, & that’s exactly what we did for 6 of the new products in our Australian range. So, if you see something that you love from Bushcraft Spain anywhere else online & it’s not on our website, feel free to contact us here and we’ll find out if/when we can get it to Australia for you.

We’ve proudly sold the popular, iconic 3×3 metre Bushcraft Spain Oilskin Tarp & the 2.5 m version, along with the matching ground cover for years, and we’re excited to now offer a more diverse product range with almost 30 items from Bushcraft Spain available online with the most anticipated being the Handmade Oilskin Poncho!

Just like all of Bushcraft Spains Oilskin products, the poncho is made with Spanish 100% cotton canvas, treated in a Beeswax and Linseed Oil formula. Perfect for spending time around the campfire, as it’s resistant to rain and the occasional light spray of embers or exploding ash when you get too close to the flames on a cold night.

If you get caught in a storm, the poncho is fitted with 100% brass eyelets that run along each side and it has double stitching so that you can use it as a reliable survival tarp or even just to create a wind barrier when having lunch while trekking on a rough day.

For those that can think outside of the box, here’s another multipurpose item:

The Oilskin Log Carrier has a capacity to hold loads of up to 200 kgs! Pretty much, if you can lift it, it can handle it.

Although its primary use it to carry fire wood, if you can be a little bit creative, there are plenty handy things you can do with it, such as making a seat or a storage bench around the camp.

From logs to berries, here’s some bushcraft gear for carrying smaller cargo.

Made by the Bushcraft Spain leather craftsman, the foraging pouch attaches to your bag or belt and when the leather strap/exterior is opened up, out drops a small oilskin bag to store your foraged goods.

This product has come up a few times by different customers, so we had to get our hands on some.

When you go out foraging, bring along the tableware in the Oilskin Picnic Bag and store the cheese in the Canvas Lunch Bag!

Canvas bags, whether they’re for trips to the market, storing valuables or separating items in your pack, everyone seems to need one (or a few) and we’ve noticed that our customers are on the hunt for high quality, sustainable canvas bags, so we’ve gone and got exactly that.

Choose between waxed canvas bag or the durable Oilskin bag, all made with Spanish 100% cotton canvas, also perfect for storing the Oilskin Tarp!

The Oilskin Haversack has a carry strap and the Napsack has a wool interior, so that you can flip it inside out, stuff some clothes inside and use it as a pillow case.

Keeping on with the storage theme, we’ve added the Canvas pouch and Leather tool roll to the collection, great accessories for separating items on hiking or camping trips and popular among the motorcycle community.

The tool roll has five seperate pouches and the roll-up pouch has an 18 cm x 9 cm pouch and a large pocket (18 cm x 16 cm).

The full size Oilskin & Wool Ground Cover is among the most popular products from Bushcraft Spain on our camping shop and we’re now stocking the smaller camping mat version.

The larger ground cover was designed to be used under a tarp shelter and it’s probably more commonly used as a high quality picnic blanket/outdoor rug.

This smaller version is perfect for throwing over a log or onto the ground to sit on, it could also be a handy mat at the entrance of a tent or caravan.

Here are the 16 new products from Bushcraft Spain that we’ve added to our range:

All Australian orders will be dispatched from our warehouse in the Grampians, Victoria. For EU orders, we’ll be sending all of these out from France in the near future, but we’re currently dispatching most items straight to you from Spain while we’re still getting things sorted at our French warehouse. European customers, please also take a look at our new EU camping shop and let us know here if you have any questions.

If you have any Bushcraft Spain products, we’d love to hear what you think about them in the comments section below. Also let us know if you have any questions or are looking for any Bushcraft Spain gear that we don’t already have available on the website for purchase in Australian or Europe.

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